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Top YouTubers Recommended For CodeNewbies

Note: This list is my personal reference You can also refer to this list.

Hey Guys I am Garvit Motwani and In This Article, I will share my recommendation for Web Developing and Programming YouTube Channels.

YouTube Channels

Traversy Media

Traversy Media features one of the best online web development and programming tutorials for all of the latest web technologies including Node.js, Angular 2, React.js, PHP, Rails, HTML, CSS, and much more. For more information check his website

They're an open-source community of busy people who learn to code and build projects for nonprofits. Also, Check the official website for more information.

Dev Ed

Dev Ed teaches about web development, web design, 3D modeling, tools like Figma, and more without getting bored!

The goal of this channel is to get you to become as creative you can be!

So if you like to create video games in Unity or develop an application in node.js, stick around and have fun! For more information check his website

Florin Pop

He loves to create Coding Tutorials and Code Live, so you'll see a lot of those on this channel!
He knows HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, Animations, Components, APIs and all the cool stuff. Also Check his twitch. For More Information check his website.

Web Dev Simplified

Web Dev Simplified is all about teaching web development skills and techniques in an efficient and practical manner. If you are just getting started in web development, Web Dev Simplified has all the tools you need to learn the newest and most popular technologies to convert you from a no stack to full stack developer. Web Dev Simplified also deep dives into advanced topics using the latest best practices for seasoned web developers. For more information check his website.

The Coding Train

The Coding Train is on its way with creative coding video tutorials on subjects ranging from the basics of programming languages like JavaScript to algorithmic art, machine learning, simulation, generative poetry, and more. For more information check his website

The Net Ninja

He Makes Tutorials and free courses on-

  • Modern JavaScript (beginner to advanced)
  • Node.js
  • React
  • Vue.js
  • Firebase
  • MongoDB
  • HTML & CSS
  • Plus loads more...

For more information check his website.

Coding Garden with CJ

Grow your coding skills one day at a time with tutorials, walk-throughs, and live coding streams about Full Stack Web Development and other related tech. He live stream every Wednesday at 8:20 PM MDT. He also stream on twitch . For more information check his website.

Kevin Powell

He will help you learn how to make the web look cool, and make it look good while you're at it.

With a new video every Wednesday, He'll be bringing you How To and Tutorials, and well as simple tips and tricks. He is mostly looking to help people who are new to the world of web development.

Derek Banas

He makes tutorials based on your requests. He will cover any topic you can imagine. He uploads new programming videos on Saturday and Wednesday morning. He Live Streams at 8 PM EST on Monday and at 7 PM EST on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. For more information check his website.


He creates the best content he possibly can to give away free. His tutorials are generally about web development and include coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and PHP. For more information check his website.

Wes Bos

He makes tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and WordPress web development. For more information check his website.

Online Tutorials

Online Tutorials is a channel for learning Complete responsive website design, Creative CSS animation and Hover Effects, Amazing Vanilla Javascript projects, creative UX and UI Design using Html and CSS, and much more. For more information check his website.

Eleftheria Batsou

This channel tries to explain my thoughts about web development and web design by small yet interesting tutorials. She also live streams. For more information check here website.

Ania KubΓ³w #JavaScriptGames

This channel is run by Ania Kubow. In this channel, she will be teaching you JavaScript, React, Html, CSS and Express Tutorials in game form! For more information check her website.


This channel can teach you JavaScript, Vue, React, Angular, Deno, Node.js, and much more. For more information check their official website.

Programming with Mosh

He trains professional software engineers that companies love to hire. For more information check their official website.

If I missed someone DM Me on my Twitter or drop it in the Discussion box below.

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jinoantony profile image
Jino Antony

Academind also has some good resources. Please check it out.

garvitmotwani profile image
Garvit Motwani

Thank You I will Add Academind

hudderstrom profile image

Code With Mosh should be in this list.

garvitmotwani profile image
Garvit Motwani

I will add him. Thank You

carnold22265 profile image
Christopher Arnold

thank you Kevin powell on yt was the best css instructor I found. for JS I prefer the complete JavaScript course from 0 to Expert on Udemy. He goes pretty slow and makes sure you understand whats happening behind the code before you move on.

divyakelaskar profile image
Divya Kelaskar

You compiled almost all of my YT channels list πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

garvitmotwani profile image
Garvit Motwani

Thank You Divya For The Compliment

abbyhanssen profile image
Abby Hanssen

This is amazing, thank you!

spiritupbro profile image
spiritupbro • Edited

for me its web developer unpas and sekolah koding but its in indonesian

diosamuel profile image

Thank you so muchπŸ‘

kahn profile image
Karim Hussain

Great ones! My favourites are IAmTimCorey and Andy Sterkowitz πŸ‘