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I agree wasm is super interesting, especially with Mozilla working on WASI

Are you picking C because you already know it? Or are you just looking for some way to write wasm?

If it’s the second one I strongly recommend looking at Rust. It’s a more modern systems programming language created by Mozilla with some higher level abstractions and lots of safety, and it is being developed with wasm in mind.

Here’s how to get started with Rust and wasm


Rust – nice language as far as I know.

I choose C because this is a more powerful language.


I’m curious what about C makes it more powerful. I don’t have as much experience with C as Rust, but from what I understand Rust can do everything C can, just with more compile-time checks.


I thought WebAssembly was invented to help translate C-programs to the web. I found it's little bit strange to learn C language just for the case to convert it to the web. You can just write a program in javascript for the web with much less effort.
Of course it's nice and cool to learn new technologies. But I think you should have some interesting and measurable goal to move forward, otherwise you'll lose your motivation soon.


Yeah, I thought to write a powerful application for work with audio/video or create more fast functions for JS.

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