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Embed your posts in React

Hey Reader,
You landed over here that indicates you also want to embed your posts on into your personal website or any other site in the simplest way possible.
Don't worry! I got you🤟.

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I created this NPM package (react-devdotto) to embed your posts in React App in no time.

Now, let just dive into how it works.

  1. Install react-devdotto:
npm install --save react-devdotto
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  1. Import DevDotTo in the file in which you want to embed posts:
import DevDotTo from 'react-devdotto
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  1. Put below component and replace username with your username (you'll get it in the URL of your profile):
<DevDotTo username="genialkartik" />
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  1. You can also pass a parameter coverimage={false} to remove cover images from blogs list. *Note: default value of coverimage is true.

Well Done! You did it🥳.

Visit NPM to learn more: NPM

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Feeling too lazy to test?
Then just fork project below on & try with the below code snippet:

Want to contribute?

Then just fork and clone this repository on Github.

Github react-devdotto

  • Navigate cd react-devdotto.
  • run npm install to install all required dependencies.
  • Make changes or fix bug.
  • Make sure to run build npm build before commiting all changes.
  • Open a pull request to master or v*** branch. Now lemme buy you a coffee ☕.

Happy Coding!✨

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atulbhattsystem32 profile image
Atul Bhatt

Nice article. My portfolio was kinda empty. It looks a little filled now.