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Is Continuous Learning Helping your Web Development Career?

My Big Question

Hello folks, here's another one and the topic is "Is Continuous Learning Helping your Web Development Career?". This is a critical question that I've been asking myself every now and then. I'll tell you what I think. Hopefully this helps many other developers out there who're asking the same question.

Quick Facts

Becoming a software developer is something that interests every beginner, every person who has just entered the field. It's interesting at first but it becomes serious when you're depending on writing code to pay bills. Even when you're really beat, you have to write code, cause in most cases its your main source of income. You can't just take a long break or can you?
Again, when you're a web developer, its more challenging. There's a lot of frameworks and libraries popping up each now and then. You're learning a framework today, tomorrow there's something else. You're using React in your current job, when you move to another company, they're using Vue or even Angular. I know there's so much in common between all of these technologies, but again, how can you be a top notch professional when you're jumping between frameworks or libraries.
In summary, there's so much to learn! To remain competitive in the software development field, you have to never stop learning. It's a continuous process.

My Brief Journey

Personally, I started as a PHP/Laravel Developer. I worked for a startup in my town where I developed over 5 web based applications - Fee management system, Tenant Management System and many more. After a few months, there came another guy who knew JQuery really well. He could do CRUD operations without refreshing the page. My former boss developed some interest in him. I was afraid of loosing my job. I had to stay competitive, I had to know SPAs. So I learned Vue js and now I would develop interactive applications with Vue and Laravel. It helped me remain really competitive. I didn't lose my job 😊! I ended up loving Vue js. Now I work as a Frontend developer with Vue.js thanks to learning Vue! That's just one instance. There have been many occasions through my Web Development Career where I've had to learn new stuff just to remain competitive. Most of which I have not used. As a matter of fact, there are times when I feel spread thin! (Knowing too much stuff and not being a professional in each)

My View

As much as its advisable to keep learning new stuff, I prefer being a professional in one or two frameworks! Pick a language, like Javascript choose a framework, like React, or even Vue. Learn it! Develop solutions, be a Professional React or Vue developer. If anything, be a professional!

What's your view?

So what's your view? What's your experience? Let me know in the comment section below.

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geraldmuvengei06 profile image

Thanks for sharing your insights. I agree with you, but what am saying is, as much as one is evolving and learning new stuff, there's need to stick with something specific and try to be really efficient in that choice. Rather than jumping between too much stuff that accomplish a single thing. There's no point in being "SPREAD THIN".

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Ridoy Rezwan

I would suggest you to read the book rich dad poor dad and start taking actions.
Thank me later.