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5 Python Frameworks for Web Development in 2022

Python Frameworks Texhtok

Did you know what the fastest-growing programming language in the world as at 2022 is?

Python! Yes, I'm sure you guessed it right, it is the most popular, readable, and very easy-to-use software programming language for web development. But, it is important to note that python is not just for web development alone.

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Python is an ultimate but very powerful computer programming language that you can use for data science, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and also for your scientific computing projects

Besides, python is used in several industries, which includes Finance, Science & Education, Computers, Electronics, and many more industries. In addition, tech giants, such as Google, Instagram, Facebook Netflix, and many more, use Python in different ways.

Python Frameworks 2022

In recent years, python has played a very significant role in web development expecially in the last two decades, from the utilisation of its powerful web frameworks to it's micro-frameworks. In the 2021 Annual Stack Overflow Survey, 41.53% of professional developers reported that they are using Python as their primary language for development.

Python Framework 2022

This is up from the 33.99% that we saw in the 2020 Annual survey. While this growth is very impressive, it is not surprising. Python has several frameworks for web development, data science, and many more. Therefore, this article Would be focused on the top 5 Python Frameworks in 2022 to get maximum benefits.

Top 5 Python Frameworks for Web Development

1) Django

Python Frameworks Texhtok

It would be impossible to talk about web development frameworks without you talking about Django. First released to the public in 2005, Django is one of Python’s oldest and one of the most popular web development frameworks and it happens to be created and supported by a leading web host provider and active contributors.

Django was originally developed as an engine that helps developers to build content-based websites (such as news blogs). Still, since its release, software developers have used it to power all sorts of different software applications and services.

With Django, you can quickly prototype and develop powerful web applications even with very little or no knowledge of low-level details such as relational databases or web servers, this and many others are some of the things that makes it appealing to beginners that are just getting started in web development.

Below are are a few top sites that are using Django frameworks:

Python Frameworks Texhtok

2) Pyramid

Python Frameworks Texhtok

Pyramid is a very mature and feature-rich Python web framework. Together with the fact that it has a broad range of uses, which Includes websites develop, APIs, and anywhere that you would want to use a popular programming language like Python.

In addition, Pyramid is well known for its flexible, modular software architecture, extensibility, and code testability.

One of Python’s most significant assets as a programming language is its active community support, and this shows through here with user engagement via mailing lists, IRC channels, Stack Overflow, and more.

3) CherryPy

Python Frameworks Texhtok

CherryPy is an awesome Python web development framework that can be used as the foundation for different categories of web applications. Moreover, CherryPy is designed to be very simple to learn and going from beginner to pro is very easy. It focuses on simplicity and usability, thereby making it one of the most easy to use frameworks in this our list.

If you are an intermediate software developer who wants to try something new, CherryPy might be right for your needs. While advanced web developers might find its features insufficient, it gives beginners a chance to get comfortable with working with Python before they jump into more complicated development frameworks.

A huge selling point of CherryPy is that it allows developers to run their code without depending on other people or other services. You could deploy an application using only components that are found directly within CherryPy if you wanted to.

4) Flask

Python Frameworks Texhtok

Flask is one of Python’s most popular web frameworks, in fact, to me, it remains the second most popular python web development framework after Django and it remains one of Python’s fastest-growing tools. Flask is very simple to learn, has an elegant syntax and also an extensive library of add-ons, and it is very easy to deploy. Its popularity comes directly from its simplicity: it makes it easy to get up and running even with bare minimum effort.

5) Bottle

Python Frameworks Texhtok

The bottle is a Python WSGI micro web framework that is fast, simple, and lightweight. Also, the bottle framework is distributed as a single file module and it needs only the Python Standard Library to run. Bottle’s features are very similar to Flask’s, therefore making switching between both frameworks easy.

If you want to add some quick prototyping capability or you simply wants to create a landing page for your business quickly then, Bottle can be used out of the box with very minimal knowledge of web development.


In the web development industry, Python has been know to become very popular over time. But since it is an open-source Software programming language that anyone can modify and make use of for free, many developers are coming up with their Python frameworks to help them solve issues when they are developing applications.

It has been estimated that there are already more than 260 known Python frameworks that are as of today. So to keep up with all these new technologies, these were the list of what we believe to be some of the top Python frameworks in use this 2022.

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