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10 Top Listicles for React Developers in 2020

We all enjoy the shopping-like experience that listicles give us - why not make a listicle of top listicles 😲

Here's my list of recommended listicles for ReactJS developers:

1. 11 Top React Developer Tools

React developer tools you should add to your toolbox.

2. 10 Useful React Components

Different React components for different occasions (written by yours truly).

3. 7 React Best Practices

ReactJS patterns and practices.

4. 20 Best React.js Books You Have to Read

"The Road to learn React takes you on the journey learning React the pragmatic way. You will build a real world application, consume a real API, write tests for your application, implement exciting features such as caching and filtering, and deploy your application in the end..."

5. 3 Ways to Build Your Own React Component Library

3 tools and methods for creating React component library.

6. 6 Handy Regular Expressions Every Front-End Developer Should Know

Leverage the power of regular expressions to perform various text processing tasks.

7. 11+ JavaScript Features You’ve Probably Never Used

11+ useful JavaScript features you might have missed.

8. 10 Ways to Optimize Your React App’s Performance

How to optimize performance to deliver an awesome user experience.

9. 10 Top Javascript Libraries and Tools for an Awesome UI/UX

Recommended tools and libraries that will help you build stunning web apps in 2020.

10. 10 Useful Web APIs for 2020

Awesome Web APIs for your next web app — with examples.

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