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Gabriel José Oliveira
Gabriel José Oliveira

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I made a web game and I need your opinion

Hello World! This is my first post here and I would like to show you my game, talk a little about it and ask your opinion about.

Game: (
GitHub: (

In the game menu there is a link for you to leave your opinion and report any bugs, let me know what you think of the ideas execution and if there is anything I can improve. So far, the game has performed better in Chrome and Edge browsers.

As you can see, on github I linked the project and explained a little bit about it, the article from which the idea was taken is not in English but let's talk more about the premise below.

The idea and the rules

The project's idea was for students to answer questions while walking through a different maze, the maze is composed of colored ribbons glued to the floor, which must be passed in order: blue, red and yellow.

Wrong collor? go back to the beginning. Beat the team of students who reach the end of the maze by correctly answering the questions.

Now doing it virtually

In the "live action" game, it may take a while, but the virtual version will run quickly. So I made new rules and things that only a virtual environment offers and increased the playing time.

There's also a step counter, timer and life hearts to add some challenge.

How to do this?

There are several frameworks and engines for games, but as I was already studying javascript I decided to bet on the web environment and on Phaser Js framework.

Phaser Js logo

Phaser has a simple system to understand, each scene in the game is a class with 3 functions, one to load files, another to arrange game objects, and the third is a function that updates every time.

Simple, but I had never done anything like it and the project took 2 months. I didn't have a good knowledge of object orientation at that time.

I try to be talented in the art world, but that's another story 🤣, the game was all done in windows Paint, with the exception of the main character's sprite and some other objects.

Reviews about our projects make them better

I don't know how it's performing on other devices and I need to know if I'm on the right track. Please, leave your comment. 😉✌

Top comments (7)

grahamthedev profile image
GrahamTheDev • Edited on

Fun game! Really highlighted how bad my general knowledge is (any chance of a "noob mode" or even a kids mode? 😉)

Here are a few bits to work on: you can skip questions (and hearts!) too easily so perhaps make the trigger when you enter a box rather than passing over them.

Randomising the questions might be good as when you die you answer the same questions (unless that is deliberate)

On a 4k screen the game is small and top left, just needs centring and scaling with screen size.

Finally, great that you have colour blindness mode and have thought about a11y, but you can't start the game via keyboard, so it would be great to fix that from an accessibility perspective.

Just minor points, as I said fun concept (and frustrating when you end up in a 3red 1 yellow room and need a blue next! 🤣)

gjoliveira profile image
Gabriel José Oliveira Author • Edited on

Wow, thanks for the comment, there really are a lot of things like you said I can improve on, the possibilities are immense!

gjoliveira profile image
Gabriel José Oliveira Author • Edited on

Over the next vacation, I'll study the phaser in depth and implement a few things or maybe a new, more optimized version.

gabrieldeveloperone profile image
Gabriel Pereira Ribeiro

I like, congratulations!

thumbone profile image
Bernd Wechner

Very cute. Rather slow to load which confused me at first, no loader, Chrome just sitting there doing nothing.

gjoliveira profile image
Gabriel José Oliveira Author

Thanks for the suggestion, I didn't even think about it.

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Gustavo Scarpim


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