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As announced about 3 weeks ago, I want to offer Job Candidates to show up to qualified Job Recruiters with a well-prepared Resume/Candidate Profile.
For Recruiters we offer the possibility to get access to qualified candidate.

And all of this, as with the Job Positions, based on quality and not quantity. I will check and accept only real Full-Stack Developer Candidates and same for Recruiters, which can be qualified companies, recruiter agencies and head-hunters.

Register now for free and build your Online Resume as a Full-Stack Developer:

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I would also recommend to check the fullstackresume.com service to build your Full Stack Resume in less than 30 seconds. Instead of writing all the content by yourself the service will generate it for you based on your unique experience! Cheers. Alex.


Yeah, that's really a great way to do so.
It took's me a bit more than 30 seconds, but it's really a cool idea.
And your comment helped me to find out, a bit late, that my url's in post is outdated and not handle nicely :-)

So new link is: fullstackjob.com/developer/resumes

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