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Why I don't built the cool "upload the file here" feature yet.

On my day job i'm always fighting for things like productivity, doing the right thing, focus, quality etc. It's just my job as leader of software development teams.

But earnestly, when it comes to doing side project, i did mostly the other side. At the end if was always more about fun, learning new stuff.

But now with #fullstackjob ( ) and the underlying I have other goals, which include do some money out of it. At then it's about what I listed above as my day job responsibility.

And that is now the point about the cool "upload the file here".

I planned a new small feature that occupied recruiters can upload they job subscriptions vs filling out a quiet big form, paying a reasonable fee. First I started to check existing Vue upload components, already did the yarn add some-thing and a first lines of code and then the biz voice told me "HEY MAN, STOP"... check first, if this feature will be used, if somebody is willing to pay for this service. Ok, I got some positive feedback when I talked with some recruiters, but that's never the 100% answer.

So I did a simple version. Just content plus Call to Action to send the Description via Email.

Cheers Stefan

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Hey, I think the simple version link's a 404

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Stefan Wuthrich

omg........... Thanks a lot. Fixed