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TIL Xbox UWP Basic Fixes


There are two basic issues when you output a Unity game to Xbox as a UWP application. The first one is the visible white edges (tv overscan) and the second one is the mouse pointer.

Most of the official docs describes solutions for C# XAML but Unity only supports IL2CPP for UWP builds.

To address this change, you need to edit app.xaml.cpp instead.

    Application::Current->RequiresPointerMode = ApplicationRequiresPointerMode::WhenRequested; // mouse mode off
void App::InitializeUnity(String^ args)
    ApplicationView::GetForCurrentView()->SuppressSystemOverlays = true;
    ApplicationView::GetForCurrentView()->SetDesiredBoundsMode(ApplicationViewBoundsMode::UseCoreWindow); // overscan fix
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thank you so much this is exactly i am looking for. I think there should be a section under "Project Settings->Player->Settings for universal windows platform" for this options then it could generate the right app.xaml.cpp file.

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Sunder Iyer

Glad it could help :) Share your stuff here when you put it up!