I Just Joined the DEV Team!

Gracie Gregory (she/her) on May 20, 2020

Hello, world! I'm thrilled to share that I just joined the DEV team as the new Content Manager. I'm excited to make engaging with this inspiring co... [Read Full]
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Amazing news and huge congrats to you!


Thank you so much, Gwyneth 😊


Hi Gracie, I'm Katie, the #welcome moderator here on DEV.

I want to congratulate you on your new role and officially 😊 #welcome you to the DEV community.

You'll find it's really awesome here with some amazingly talented people both on the contributing side and, all those on the support side whose presence you feel their as they provide behind the scene updates to keep the site running smoothly.


Funny, I've looked in your profile and saw this - "In my spare time, I fancy myself an amateur sleuth."
which automatically got me thinking of an amateur sloth, which got me thinking of Sid the sloth, which made me smile.
Also, I Learned a new word today (sleuth), so thanks for that!


Haha! The fact is, I'm an EXPERT sloth!


Congratulations girl, this is amazing!!


It's so awesome to have you on the team, Gracie! I'm looking forward to working with you closely on DEV content and community initiatives. Let's do this! 🙌


Thanks, Michael!! I'm super excited to work together also 🎉 This feels like a pretty great place to be ✨


Welcome Gracie,

We're so thrilled you're joining us!


Congrats on your new role, Gracie! 🎉 I'm excited to see what cool stuffs you'll bring to the community!


Warm welcome! Rock those twitter accounts


It's great to have you on the team, Gracie. Welcome! 🎉


Welcome to the coolest DEV community Gracie 😃.
I've heard good things about that show Devs, so I also gotta watch it 😅


Thank you, David! I was relieved to see that Nick Offerman's scary character has no hand in the real life DEV Community 😅


Welcome to the team Gracie!

Devs shows is pretty popular at DEV but I have yet to start watching it myself. I'll catch up 😂


Thanks!! Proceed at your own risk. It's good but it's grim!


Congrats, looking forward to new content!


Woot! Thanks for the welcome, Ryan :)


Congratulations..! And All the very Best! 🎉


Gracie, welcome.

Could you elaborate on the role of content managers on Dev.to?

I'm curious because duplicate contents and astroturfing has really been rampant lately. This particularly happens when a new, shiny object pops up on the horizon, and we see a burst of posts that are essentially a rewording of the product/software/library announcement, to capitalize on the views/likes/hearts.

This dilutes the overall quality of Dev.to in my opinion.

This has become particularly egregious as Deno 1.0 was announced; this post from today is pretty much an ad, poorly disguised as informational content, a content that has already been seen a dozen of times on Dev.to. I recall Stack Overflow and other communities (Hacker News) allow flagging of duplicate or low quality contents for example. Is this something being discussed internally with other content managers?

Thank you


Hey Sebastien, I'm one of the DEV co-founders and figured I'd pop in as I have a bit more of the historical context here.

The first thing to understand is that DEV is an open platform and we don't have direct editorial input into what individual members decide to publish. That said, we do our best to address low-quality content that violates the Content Policy outlined in our Terms of Service (#11).

Michael (@michaeltharrington ) is our Community Manager, and he moderates that posts on the platform along with plenty of support from a growing group of amazing community moderators. When you see problematic content, you can help us out by emailing yo@dev.to.

Gracie's addition to the team will help us continue improving in this regard. She'll be the person primarily managing our content distribution efforts, which plays an important role in highlighting the best posts that are being shared on DEV.

It's an ongoing and evolving effort to curtail low-quality content, highlight the best posts, all while keeping the platform open and welcoming to new and established authors alike. Please feel free to message me via DEV Connect if you'd like to continue sharing your ideas on this topic!


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Sentence #2. I was asking about the role of content managers on Dev.to, and provided some examples with respect to their possible purview. This was answered and clarified by Peter already.

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