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What was your win this week?

graciegregory profile image Gracie Gregory (she/her) ・1 min read


Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small πŸŽ‰

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy πŸ˜„

Happy Friday!



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Got Airflow running on k8s!

Helped a colleague learn a new tool!

One of my blogs got picked up by a specialist newsletter!

Got a test so I can relocate to stay with family!

Started reviewing a cool book at the request of the author!

Amazing week!


WOW. This sounds a week filled to the brim with wins. Especially the test part. Glad you are healthy and able to be with family now!


This week was awesome, I got to get a ton of real-world xp by applying my skills to a project that I really wished existed in the first place. And I was amazed by the response it had from people so I wrote about it too!!! I hope you like it too!βš‘πŸŽ‰πŸš€



I finally published an article that I've been sitting on for a month! lol
Function Composition Explained with PokΓ©mon


Learned just enough Adobe Character Animator and After Effects to animate the rails logo as a character... I'm so excited: twitter.com/chrisachard/status/126...

React Guy


Great job!

Do you have any recommendations for tutorials for animations?


For characters specifically, the okay samurai youtube channel is great (he works on Character Animator): youtube.com/user/okaysamurai

For animation generally (with After Effects), I've found the school of motion youtube channel to be awesome: youtube.com/channel/UCAhdxqdrDN3gW...


πŸŽ‰ I finally deployed my personal site and blog! πŸ₯³


Congrats on your promotion!

I didn't quite get much done this week, but I'm glad it worked out for many more people around here :D


My bins weren't collected, my fridge broke down, but I had the patience to turn things around, I lept for my keys and got into my car, and and .. I ran out of rhyme but I survived this week and that is a surprise.

Not cool fridge


Exciting week for me! I launched my first web app using Python, Flask, and Heroku. About 2.5 months of effort went into it and overall the response I've received within my groups has been positive and encouraging. Excited to keep building and connecting with more developers ❀

GitHub logo eddyharrington / Tendie-Tracker

A web app for tracking expenses and budgets


Kotlin programming competition. Placed 39 of over 1000. I think I won a t-shirt

  • Making a really important hotfix from business perspective
  • Clearing out requirements and successful investigation for IDScan integration into our product. It will save so much time when it goes live. Looking forward to integrating it now. : )

I built my first site with React, API context and the RAWG API 😊 it may not be much but I'm quite proud of it since I've just been learning React for around a month xD you can check it out here if you like: gamebrowserapp.netlify.app/

And this is the repo on github, in case anyone has any advice regarding the code πŸ˜…



My first post on dev.to :)


I published my latest post after a lot of hard work and editing. It might not have gotten the traction I wanted, but, instead of looking at that as a failure, I'm going to continue to refine my approach and learn from the experience. dev.to/rossta/the-webpack-plugin-i...


A couple:

  • nuxt-highcharts - Highcharts module for Nuxt framework
  • nuxt-test-utils - nothing too exciting here, just some utils that help me and, with any luck, may help others.

But, I think my bigger win is having a revived motivation for getting things done. I felt like was in a procrastination rut for way too long.


Watching the Forem announcement on DEV was pretty exciting :)

And on a more personal note, I did a physically-distanced hangout with some friends, and that was pretty cool.


To be honest, using dev.to for the first time and actually trying to talk about my projects. Took only 3 short years after I registered here :D
I quite like it here, so expect me to drop into your comments if you do awesome stuff.


For me, finding dev.to has been really important this week. For years in various roles I've been a contributor to online forums, but normally in the games development space. Finding a great community where I can learn, write and reflect on more mainstream topics is very important to me.

So this week I joined dev.to, read an article, got inspired and wrote js-coroutines - something I've needed (and apparently a bunch of other people too) for years. js-coroutines allows you to split up heavy processing, sorts, JSON operations etc across multiple frames keeping 60fps.

Here's my article on how it works.

I've had great feedback, learned loads, built and open sourced something fundamentally useful. Weeks don't normally get to be that successful. So it's corny I know, but thanks dev.to community.


I published my latest post after a lot of hard work and editing. It might not have gotten the traction I wanted, but, instead of looking at that as a failure, I'm going to continue to refine my approach and learn from the experience.


I wrote and deployed an interactive Twitter bot and got loads of engagement and feedback.

And I wrote up what I learned from the experience in a DEV article:


Dived deep into Spark internals. The 5 hour talk by Sameer Farooqi is a gem for people who want to learn Spark. Did a couple of Datacamp courses on Spark - really very basic but wanted to get them over with. Recently completed a little project for a client using Spark with AWS Glue. Looking for more challenging problems to solve with Spark over the next couple of weekends.

Did a Google Authorized training on their Data Engineering offerings - covered BigQuery, Bigtable, Dataflow and others.

I would say it was a good week!


Finished a feature that was supposed to take two weeks tops but got extended to two months due to continuous design tweaks and customization. Damn agile lol 🀣

  • I started a software engineering internship this week

  • Got to learn quite a bit about Typescript

I hope everyone had a good week as well! 😊


I got a prototype of my new NLP (natural language processing) system done and I am starting on the final version and I installed arch on my main computer. it been a good week :]


Found out on my paystub that I got a raise! :)

I also started The Odin Project this week and managed to set up and somewhat customize a Linux VM.


I learned Mocha and Chai, I never tested my code before


Converted registration from Immunosuppressed/Elderly only to open for everyone with a closest store selection!

Plug: igashop.com.au


Setting up this DEV account, and if I'm talking from mu other account (Calin@.. whatever it was,) to join Quality GameWare!
Shameless plug;
Please, if you check out my main account, check out QGw, we will provide what our name says.

Have a good day everyone!