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WPGraphQL 1.0 - stable version of GraphQL API for WordPress

GraphQL is a graph-based query language or more precisely a specification that regulates how to interact with APIs. GraphQL isn’t tied to any database, back-end technology and can be implemented for any project's existing code & database fairly easy.

GraphQL API for WordPress

Being language-agnostic makes GraphQL being adopted across different technologies. Today let's take a look at one of GraphQL WordPress implementations.

WPGraphQL is an open-source WordPress plugin that provides GraphQL schema and API for WordPress. With WPGraphQL you enjoy the power of GraphQL as exposing WordPress data in a GraphQL API has never been easier. Using modern frontend technologies with WordPress is no longer paint as the CMS layer and the presentation layer are separated.

  • Modern development tool - WPGraphQL makes possible to build rich JavaScript applications with WordPress and GraphQL by separating your CMS from your presentation layer which covers the needs of both content creators (which prefer to use CMS) as well as developers who are seeking compatibility with modern frameworks and tooling.

WPGraphQL compatiblity

  • Optimized data querying - using GraphQL allows fetching many resources in a single request. You get full control of what data comes from the server. By accessing multiple root resources with a single server call you to reduce the number of bits transferred which makes your app work faster even on slow mobile network connections.

GraphQL allows fetching many resources in a single request

Road to WPGraphQL 1.0

The WordPress ecosystem is known for its heavy emphasis on backward compatibility. Having that in mind, the WPGraphQL team was postponing calling their product a 1.0 to be sure that they follow this unwritten WP principle.

Although a network of more than 50 large sites was using WPgraphQL since 2018 they didn't want to make a 1.0 call until they are sure everything is like it's supposed to be.

With that in mind, before tagging WPGraphQL 1.0, I wanted so badly to be at a place with the codebase & Schema that I could no longer predict anymore breaking changes.



As mentioned by Jason Bahl, the creator & maintainer of WPGraphQL, the release of version 1.0 doesn't mean that there won't be any breaking changes in the future, it's rather a statement of stability and long term support.

If you interested in more detailed information about WPGraphQL 1.0 or start your journey with GraphQL and WordPress make sure to visit WPGraphQL official docs.

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Artur Czemiel

So WordPress comes back like a phoenix. Just remember to add cache plugins :)