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10 Telegram channels with remote jobπŸ“’

I would like to share my top 10 Telegram channels with remote job, which I do like and find useful.

First two are my favourite ones: only the most interesting jobs, nice interface, no spamm, always up-to-date. They are oriented on IT only, so there is no useless information.

(1). Remotelist (1K+) - jobs from

(2). RemoteIT (17K+) - manually sorted out jobs from various websites.

These contain freelance and non-IT jobs as well:

(3). Remote & Freelance (22K+) - jobs from, a bit spammy, but a lot of different opportunities.

(4). IT Freelance (1K+) - short and concrete job description, but not always up-to-date.

(5). Finder.VC (200K+) - not only IT jobs, but nice interface.

These two are great aggregators for GameDevs or CryptoDevs:

(6). GameDev (6.4K+) - a really nice channel for GameDevs, nice job description, few spamm.

(7). CryptoJobWork (103K+) - channel for crypto jobs, no spamm, but this is a new channel so we need to give them some time.

People, who are interested in remote jobs, may take a look on relocation opportunities as well:

(8). IT Relocation (7.8K+) - nice UI, no spamm and carefully sorted out best relocation options.

(9). JobsAbroad (9K+) - this one has less options, but can be also useful.

And the last one is not about jobs, but about you searching for your dream job. Channel, where you can publish your CV in a nice format:

(10). IT CV (1K+) - I cannot say how much useful it is, but I saw some really interesting CVs there.

Lets expand this listing together! What are your favourite Telegram Job Channels?πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Top comments (18)

mdhesari profile image
Mohammad Fazel

All russian, kidding me?

jmfayard profile image
Jean-Michel πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Fayard

not everyone mother tongue is English...

it's not mine and apparently not yours either

I was also surprised by the idea to find job offers on telegram
... but if anybody talks about it, it's quite logical that it comes from a Russian colleague where telegram is the strongest

imthedeveloper profile image

To translate forward messages to @YTranslateBot

It will auto translate nicely for you πŸ‘

arrolin profile image
G M Ashiqur Rahaman

Hey Nice Share πŸ‘Œ

karfau profile image
Christian Bewernitz

Being able to at least read Russian language (not sure that's the correct way to name it, since I'm not), I guess it might also be a requirement for applying to those jobs.
Especially for remote jobs I didn't expect this after reading your post.
I wonder if channels like this only male sense for certain regions, even when it's about remote jobs...

grazhevskaja profile image
Alexandra Grazhevskaja

Such channels often contain jobs not requiring Russian, but obligatory requiring English.
On my experience, remote teams usually have people from various countries. So, it is obligatory if you join an international team, that you could communicate in English.

Personally I, when searching for a remote job - try to look on the websites, resources of other countries too.
If anyone would share, which resources they use in their country - it would be great.

anvigroup profile image

jobit - Ukraine IT jobs

andriynikiforov profile image

Thank you for the information.

bestsmmpanel profile image

i like that

codenjobs profile image

You can use our channel.

Our website

richardz80 profile image
Richard Ricle

That was great.

iamndeleva profile image

Why are u not using English in the channels

harken24 profile image

Maybe it's a stupid question, but is it only on Russian or?

grazhevskaja profile image
Alexandra Grazhevskaja

Many Telegram channels are in Russian, however there are some services to translate Telegram channels, you may try to google around it.

xcyborg profile image
Jonney Shih

Might as well wrote the blog in Russian too.

Sloan, the sloth mascot
Comment deleted
grazhevskaja profile image
Alexandra Grazhevskaja

Many Telegram channels are in Russian.
However, you may use bots, like @YTranslateBot, to translate the channels to other languages.

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