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Gregory Witek
Gregory Witek

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How to choose best job offer - interview with tech recruiter

Hello! This is the 4th and (almost) the last part of my video series about finding a new job. This time I'm talking to Matthew Barr who manages recruitment team at Orange Quarter in Amsterdam. We cover a range of topics: how to choose between job offers, how to compare job offers, how to get a feedback after rejection, whether accepting a counteroffer is a good idea and what are the things besides the basic salary that you should pay attention to.

🎥 Video timeline:

0:00 Intro

1:17 How to respond to a phone call with an offer

2:18 When to start discussing salary during interview process

3:40 Why companies don't include salary range in job description

5:50 How to reply when company asks for salary expectations

7:15 How to discuss and negotiate the offer

9:06 What to look at besides basic salary

10:12 How to compare multiple offers

11:34 How to think about annual bonuses

13:07 What matters to people when choosing a company to work for

16:02 Changing jobs and salary raise

18:06 Do people take paycuts when changing jobs?

19:45 Lower salary or longer commute?

21:57 Is accepting a counteroffer a good idea?

25:42 Why companies don't want to share feedback after rejection?

30:20 Are companies less flexible in negotiations due to current economic situation?

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