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The night before.

As I anxiously await my brain surgery in the morning, I find myself going over the last six months journey learning to code. I've always believed that there is no such thing as a 'self-taught' anything. We learned from videos and classes and google searches that were formed by the people that came before us. Those people are our teachers and tonight, those people are on my mind.

The people that reach out and offer help not for clout, but because they genuinely understand that the incoming devs NEED them to succeed. Sure, there is a small bit of self-satisfaction in that action. But it's satisfaction in knowing they are genuinely making the world a better place and are better people through those actions. I love that kind of selfishness. And without it, I wouldn't be as close as I am to finally reaching that golden ring.

I've had the opportunity to meet some incredible people in tech through coffee chats. I've also had people ignore me and literally laugh in my face. So goes the tribulations of socialization. To be clear, we are owed nothing. We are guaranteed nothing. But there are wonderful people out there that will move mountains for us if we just have the guts to ask.

So, looking back, the most important thing I've learned during this time, even above coding, is to speak up. Advocate for your own needs. Put yourself out there because if you don't, you will never stumble into something great.

Blog, even when it's just nervous rambling. Post, even when it's just code snippets that helps 4 people. Ask for help, ESPECIALLY when you feel embarrassed about not knowing. Without those opportunities for connections, we will stagnate and fail.

Thank you for reading and I have much love for you.

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