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My Journey towards Full-Stack πŸš€

How It all started?

During first year of college in 2020 I was assigned a simple Portfolio project by our college club which I had to create using basic HTML & CSS but at that time I had my android phone only. I was too much eager to learn & build something, luckily I found a app Sololearn from the play store and started my practice over it. It was an awesome experience for me because I had something where I can practice & render my HTML and CSS file.

My Next Step Towards Learning JSπŸ₯±
Learning JS was one of the toughest steps in my programming journey till now because I was unable to understand it properly or maybe never focused seriously. Tried to learn from W3 Schools website & consumed a few Youtube, Coursera courses, however I created small dummy projects but didn't enjoy them. Up to that time I was using my android phone for web dev.

Next Year Of My College πŸ“…
Luckily, at the start of the second year, I had my laptop but unfortunately, I had lost my interest in Web dev because JS bored me and I was just wasting my time. So, then I moved towards Data Structure & Algos(DSA) & solved a few questions over the Hackerrank with my C programming knowledge. It helped in building my problem-solving ability & I enjoyed it but one thing I had still in my mind was learning development.

I got crazy about Python

The 3rd sem was about to end & I had started exploring python. Now I was solving DSA problems with Python and working on 2 mini interesting projects. I spent two months with python & those were awesome but I was still out of the web & thinking about it.

Encounter with Node.JSπŸ”₯πŸ”₯
JS had bored me but up to that time I had heard a lot about Node "Node is a JavaScript runtime & blah blah...". I somehow installed node and learned express, MongoDB with the help of Youtube & created practice projects, now my interest had increased & I was able to understand things a little bit.

Built my dream project😴
Building my own custom backend for my Portfolio's contact form was one of the dream functionality I always wanted. I built it quickly & deployed it to the Heroku. However, there are a lot of security issues but I could successfully build it. It's still working & I haven't changed a single line of code.

Finally on the trackπŸ›€οΈ
After all this I had an overview of the backend then I explored react & built a bunch of projects, even still building. With the time & need, I learned Tailwind CSS as a front-end framework, React-query, worked for a college start-up project & never went back.

Current Scenario πŸ€”
Currently, I'm in the 6th Semester and have been building projects for the last few months by participating in hackathons. Why hackathons? By participating in hackathons I have a chance to build something cool stuff which can be useful for others & need to complete the project in a given time frame that is also necessary to learn something new after a time.

Conclusion ✨
Here we discussed my journey obviously everyone have their different. It takes times to learn something new but what you all need is consistency. I'm learning something everyday, I hope you maybe.

Let's connect over the Twitter & build something cool!😎

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Alex Maldonado Soto

Interesting road, good luck in what remains

gulshanaggarwal profile image
Gulshan Aggarwal

Hey, Thanks for the wishes!

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