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Useful .new domains for productivity

Here are just a few of the .new domains I use frequently that might help you get to places quicker. - New Github repository - New Codesandbox - New Figma design - New Google doc - New Google sheet - New Google meeting

Checkout out the full list of .new domains @

If you don't want to touch that pesky mouse 🐭 most browsers will let you focus the search bar with Control+L / CMD+L.

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Tyler Woodcook

Are these sites simply redirecting the user to the new URL? Really cool idea. Are the secure?

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Sean Boult

Yeah that's how they work.

In most cases they are owned by the respective entity but I'm sure there are some owned by individuals.

Security is a good point and I'd like to think Google does some work to ensure people don't abuse them.

ahmad_butt_faa7e5cc876ea7 profile image

when you got money to spend... lol cool shortcuts though :)