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The Technical Side Of Fitness

Building my Dream Application

For those who are fitness gurus like me, I never quite found an app that track everything in one app without the prescription fee. Even when it comes with a prescription fee, I still am not fully satisfied with what it entails. I have tried using a few different apps throughout the last few years like MyFitnessPal, the apple watch health and even Kayla Itsines "Sweat" app. But in the end, fitness is really about having a truly healthy lifestyle and not just working out.
I want to be able to combine the three main concepts of being healthy:

  1. Food: cooking, baking, meal prepping
  2. Athletics: Tracking Calories, progress, workouts
  3. lifestyle: motivation and a safe community

How would this work?

What you eat is just as important as how you exercise. Meaning that you have to track what you eat no matter what your goals are. I want this app to give people the function to meal prep for the week while also creating their own personalized cookbook. I want to save the users favorite food/meals in their "cookbook" in which once you plan out your meals for the week, the database should be able to generate a grocery list for your week of cooking. Everyday it would be able to track your calories/macros/nutrition and more!

When it comes to the fitness aspect of the app, I would love to be able to connect the users Apple watch/fitbit to this app to keep count of the users steps, burned calories, sleep and more. Eventually I would like to create my own technology that can be more user friendly with my app and encapture more of the fitness side .

Finally, lifestyle is the last factor I would want to keep in the app. Having a healthy lifestyle is key to being a overall healthy person no matter what your goals are. I want the app to help guide people to embody the lifestyle they want or need help achieving. I want to do this by adding a somewhat social aspect to this app. I want people to be able to follow people to get inspiration and motivation. Somewhat like a mix between a pinterest feed and tiktok feed. Of course people can chose to keep their account information public or private but it would be an amazing community to join.

A Life of No Concerns

If money and time was never a concern, I would dedicate all my time and money to two things: animal shelters and creating better communities.

With what I have learned in school, I have the skills to start on this wonderful journey. I have the skills to set me off in a great start, I know I will run into problems on the way but I have built up the skills for problem solving. My end goal is to build this app and make it successful. Once it is, I would really want to spent time giving back to different communities.
Growing up I have always had a dog and had the ability to travel the world, even in college which made for an extremely active lifestyle. In other countries the one thing I had noticed was the amount of helpless stray dogs that run along the streets and the difference of lifestyles. I am grateful that I have had the ability to travel the world but going to certain countries can be really humbling. In America we always want more but we never take a second to realize the things that are truly happening around us. It is one thing to hear about it in school but it is extremely different when you see it first hand. I want to make a difference and travel back to those countries and help develop an actual community for them. These are somethings I feel like I could promote through my app. Having a dog and traveling is something that has really gave me a healthy lifestyle and I would want to promote these two aspects through my app. I also have an extreme soft spot for dogs and personally I would want to help eliminate kill shelters and find a better way to get dogs adopted. Overall this two aspects take up a lot of time and money. If my app really generated enough money these would be the two things I really want to take action on.

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