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Five ways to host your static website for free

  • Github pages

Github Pages are a feature of GitHub that allows users to host static websites for individuals, projects, or organizations right from their repositories!
The engine GitHub uses to accomplish this is Jekyll, a “simple, static, blog-aware, site generator”, that supports regular HTML content.
For your GitHub Page you just need to create a repository named, where username is your username (or organization name)
you edit or push your code and your changes are alive.

  • Netlify

Netlify Deploy modern static websites. You simply sign up in the Netlify application using your GitHub account for example. you add your new site, you link netlify to your Github repository after that you build and you configure your site. Netlify allows you to name and to customize the domain of your site.

  • Google Could

For those who want to try the cloud computing services, Google gives you the opportunity to host a static website for a domain you own!
you start by creating a bucket on Google Cloud Console, then you upload your site's files and you allow the public access in order to make your bucket readable to everyone.
you also need to set up your SSL certificate and the load balancer so you can be able to connect your domain.
Find more information about hosting static website in Google cloud in link two.

  • AWS S3

To host a static website on Amazon S3, you configure an Amazon S3 bucket for website hosting and then upload your website content to the bucket. When you configure a bucket as a static website, you must enable website hosting, set permissions, and create and add an index document. Depending on your website requirements, you can also configure redirects, web traffic logging, and a custom error document.

  • Vercel

Vercel is a cloud platform for static sites and Serverless Functions that enables you to deploy an existing project from your GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket repository.
Alternatively, if you want to start fresh with a new project, use a Quickstart template offered by Vercel.

*A static website “contains web pages with fixed content. Each page displays the same information to every visitor” (from techterms)

Dribbble Deploy Serverby Alex S. Mostov

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