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I'm joining LinkedIn Learning as an instructor! πŸ€—

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Hello, users! πŸ‘‹

Today I'm celebrating that I joined LinkedIn Learning as an instructor. πŸŽ‰

This january I experienced lots of different emotions. Becoming a LinkedIn Learning instructor also meant to me

πŸ‘‰ Traveling out of Spain for the first time
πŸ‘‰ First, 2nd, 3rd and 4th flight ever
πŸ‘‰ First time recording a course
πŸ‘‰ First time joining a team of amazing and incredible people

I wanted to write a short post about my experience, (also posting some pictures of Graz, honestly a beautiful place), so keep reading if you'd like to know more.

But first,

How did you get there?

It's been a long, long journey.

Today and more than ever I'm looking back to see myself sitting in front of my desk at my parents', designing, developing, writing, translating, doing everything I could do with a computer for 5$ (ended up earning 3€ per job), day&night learning from YouTube, Udemy, blogs, from wherever I could and for free.

Trying to figure out new ways to finish my orders faster so I could get more extra incomes, since the only job I had was in a bakery, where I started working when I was 14.

I've been 9 years trying to find a place where I could start working in what I loved, and in 2018 I reached that dream. I started working in the Smart City sector. I became an UX&UI specialist, worked with Vue, Bulma, SASS, Python... Lots of technologies that I had to keep learning at home, in weekends, by myself, to prove I deserved to be where I was, and that I was as good as those who were treating me as a kid or as a fraud in the office.

I had to leave after a whole year for legal issues with my contract and for being in a toxic environment: my bosses insulted me and humiliated me in front of my colleagues, and most of the coworkers there openly ignored me and always approached to my male colleagues.

I tried to re-focus my career into design, gave a conference and created an UX course for my town hall, I thought I could keep on strong, but I was wrong.

Every interview was worse than the previous. I heard a lot things like "Ah, but you don't have a title...", "Your profile is so good, but we have candidates with more experience..." and "Don't worry, I'm pretty sure other company will choose you without a doubt".

I had to go through hard and bad times, where I wasn't recognized at all, where I was treated as a fool for being young, or worse, as an ignorant, after 3-4 years designing and creating websites, making my path, non-stop learning and working hard for what I achieved.

I was thinking in changing my career or waiting for a miracle...

And then, a tired and disappointed girl was given the Big chance. Going to another country, all alone and for the first time, to do something she thought she wasn't prepared for.

And I said yes.

Well, I'm going to Graz

I have one word to describe the whole situation: terrifying.

Alt Text

Everyone posts this kind of picture when they travel... So here it is!

I never had to pack my things and stay away from home for a long period of time, I had too many doubts and questions, but no doubt about taking that opportunity.

I've been all my life surrounded by people who think that big opportunities are a bad thing. In case you're in the same situation, read carefully: Do it. Don't let anyone scare you, if you're given an opportunity it's because you deserve it.

I heard a lot things like "But you're going alone...", "You don't know anyone there...", "How could you accept this...". I almost cried before taking the first plane in a mix of fear and impotence. But I had enough, I had already enough of people taking chances away from me.

So I took that plane and went to Graz, determined to do the job as good as I could.

"Going live"πŸŽ₯

This is, by far, the most exciting, incredible and amazing adventure I had.

I felt I finally found a good place where nice people tried to do their best to keep growing, and I wanted to be part of it.

Even though, the first time I pressed the Record button I was panicking inside.

I was shaking, my voice sounded too nervous, and I felt lost most of the time when recording the first chapters... But with time and patience, I never felt that comfortable doing a job.

I already had everything prepared, but honestly, you're never prepared enough for what's coming. You'll always have to do extra work, extra efforts, be extra brave, to have things done right.

I won't lie, capucchinos were my best friends and my fuel.

Alt Text

And Graz offers a really, really nice coffee.

I met with other spanish instructors there, so nice and willing to help. I've never met so many nice people in the same day, place and time, in my whole life.

The LinkedIn Learning team was... Awesome. I learned so much in quite a short time and I feel more grateful than I could ever describe with words, I'm so thankful that they trusted me since the first day.

How becoming an instructor feels like

Alt Text

Since the beggining of times (more or less when I was 10-y-o) I wanted to become a teacher, or something similar. I had a strong desire to help others and share knowledge.

Being an instructor is somehow an "almost made it🀘" of that dream. There are lots of differences but I think the motivation remains the same: sharing experience, sharing knowledge, sharing the learning motivation.

Everytime I look back I see those teachers who helped me, who believed in me when no one did. I've always wanted to give the same they gave to me, to others in the same situation where I was.

For me, that's the meaning of becoming an instructor, and even though I didn't felt that prepared, I finally surprised myself by being suitable.

One's never ready for whatever life has prepared. Remember, anyway, that taking a step back it's already a step towards what's coming next.

Things I loved and I want to show you

I have a very bad habit of showing things I love to everybody, so I can try to make them feel as I felt when I discovered those things.

This was my first adventure as a real explorer, I hope I don't disappoint you. Here is a list of things that gifted me a moment of peace, a calm atmosphere, and the "thanks God I took that plane" feeling.

➜ The River

Alt Text

I hate water but I loved the river. It was a wild river, but still it gave me a nice calm sensation...

➜ Lots of statues

Alt Text

I don't know why, I just find myself staring at 'em for a long time. There is something in that cold, white stone, that hipnotizes me.

➜ Art in the streets

Alt Text

Not talking about graffiti, talking about real art. Almost everywhere. Big, amazing pieces of art, like a museum in every street.

➜ Silent, hidden corners

Alt Text

I found lots of silent, hidden corners all around the city. You could get lost and find yourself.

➜ Churches. Lots of churches.

Alt Text

I'm not an extremely religious person but my spider-art-sense can't just deny how amazing churches are.

What's next?

Keep going on, of course!

I'm so glad to say I have much work to do here, I'm expected to be a productive human being and that's what I'll try, either from Graz or from Barcelona.

I hope this is the beggining of a long-therm phase where I can keep learning a lot and keep collecting really nice memories.

I still can't say much of what I did or what I'll be doing... But I'll keep you updated, don't worry!

Thank you so much for reading this far. I hope this experience was useful, and if you're willing to become an instructor, just do it! Start sharing your knowledge, start sharing your experience and teaching others. We'll welcome you, as others did with me.

Alt Text

Thank you.

See you around, let's keep coding and learning πŸ’»!

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Create and connect. She/her. Worked in Smart City development for the European Union. Instructor in LinkedIn Learning.


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Wow such an wonderful article about! Btw what would you recommend to your younger self like when you were 14 or so to do to just be better at your field. ANNNDDD you should do a AMA soon about this gonna be a fun one!

Edit: Eh sorry, forgot to congratulate you! Congratulations, i don't know much about LinkedIn [In]structure but seeing your enthusiasm towards it seems like it's suitable and fun for you so be happy and keep everyone else happy lol. :P


Thank you SO much, Aryan!

If I could say something to my 14-y-old starting, would be "don't mind them, they don't know you. Do as you feel and everything will be okay!", and maybe I would've started this path earlier and with more help...

But I'm happy about the steps and the mistakes I did along the way, made me both strong and cautious.

And thank you, indeed this is awesome to me and I'm terribly glad about this opporunity, you're right, I should do an AMA soon, I'll think about it!

Have a nice day :)


Wish you were one of my elders xD. NGL, but my parents aren't bad but still could go with that motivation :D. Thanks a lot!


This is so cool! What a wonderful journey you had. I'm really impressed by your willingness and hard work.

And yes, Congratulations on being a LinkedIn [In]structor! Looking forward to your first lesson. 😊


Thank you so much, Vaibhav!

Indeed it was a really long and hard journey, but I'm so thankful for every bad and hard moment because the person I was there, made me get here.

I'll be working hard, I promise! πŸ’ͺ


100% agree with you. May you shine brighter ever after! 🌞


There is this saying that goes a little like: The sharpest of blades are forged in the hottest of fires.

I'm sorry people didn't treat you kind both professionally and on a human-to-human level. But I'm not sorry for you.

Take what you can from your experiences and keep channeling all that energy into the path ahead of you, and the road you're lying upon it.

It is nice to see you found the right kind of people (the ones that allow you to stroll, learn and become a better you without drilling you into the ground).

Dev.To is a nice community like that, too and I hope you'll share more stories here. Take care and keep learning πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ”₯


Thank you Edwin, your words are so strong, indeed I'll try (as I've always did) to keep going on and find a nice place for me.

This was a big opportunity and I'm hoping it's not the last one, I'm willing to keep sharing with everyone what I learn and try to help others in the same situation...

Have a nice day :)


Congratulations! You're going down a path that I'm interested in myself.

I'm a software engineering manager and I'm looking at a future of either going into higher forms of leadership or pivoting into teaching, so a lot of what you said resonates with me.

I'm actually exploring possibilities with Pluralsight at the moment in order to explore teaching without fully committing. This post was valuable to me on that front as you shared your own experience and voyage.

I'd love to hear more of your thoughts as your journey continues.


Thank you Matt!

Honestly I'd recommend every professional or interested person to start considering mentorship/teaching at some point in their career, even though I'm well aware not everyone likes to teach.

I hope you'll find a good use for my experience and decide to give a step ahead, it's an amazing experience, and I'd like to keep posting about it in the future.

Have a nice day!


Thanks! I'm actually a Sunday school preschool teacher (for the last 20 years) and tutor at the high school level once a week during the school year.

I guess I've been tip toeing on this line for awhile, and am now starting to think more seriously about bootcamps and online learning platforms.

Then I wish you all the luck and best wishes, I'm pretty sure you'll have the chance!


LinkedIn Learning, in my opinion, is bad for content-creators.

They limit your reach, so you can't teach a whole course end-to-end since the rather piece things together from multiple content-creators to create a journey.

You aren't allowed to compete against certain content creators so you are limited in what you're allowed to teach.

You can't publish your content anywhere else that could compete with the content you published.

Its a really bad deal, and I can think of one person who teaches cloud who is now experiencing how bad a deal it was and can't post their content elsewhere.

They can pay you an advanced but it's not worth the short-term money.

LinkedIn Learning has two ways you can work with them, I can't remember than names but one is where you are exclusive 100% to their platform and the other is not.

I'm thinking DesirΓ© here chose the one where they fly you out, the film you and give you full support of the LinkedIn Learning team.

I hope for DesirΓ© that I'm wrong and it is a long term positive then a negative.


Isn't this the case probably with every other platform in the market?

I mean ultimately it is the platform who is the owner of the content you created.

Lot many folks creating content on same topic would again prove out to be disadvantage for the platform. So, then again here they won't give the content creator much freedom to choose from.


All Learning Distribution Markets are different:

On LinkedIn Learning I don't have the opportunity to compete.
On Udemy I have the opportunity to compete but the market favours who is already dominate.


I'm sorry you had a bad experience with LinkedIn Learning.

They are totally clear about what they offer, what they expect and how they work, in a writen and oral format, you know what you're accepting. My intention it's not to focus only and totally in the courses creation/teaching, so I agreed. I can imagine if someone else has that intention, then they'd know if accept or not their conditions.

Also, I'm not limited to teach in other platforms, good thing I have knowledge in many areas and the "competition" condition it's not that hard for me!


That's great news! Contragulations!! I'm happy for you, because I follow you on twitter and I have seen a lot of sad comments about job offers and interviews. I hope this will be a long time relationship, and I hope to see you in a video too! That would be a nice surprise.

By the way, you have to change your "work_status"! ;)



Thank you so much, Carles :) !

Indeed, I finally had a good opportunity with nice people! I'm terribly glad about it!

Totally right about that work status though, haha! 😊


Congratulations! I loved working with LinkedIn Learning putting together content!


You're welcome!

Lots of respect to you jumping that leap. I cannot imagine how thrilled you must be leaving the country and working for such a big brand now. Very exciting!

I wish you all the best. πŸ€—

Indeed Patrick, it was an amazing yet terrifying experience... But it ended up being incredible!

Gifted me lots of goods memories and good experiences, thank you, wishing you all the best too πŸ₯°


"I hate water but I loved the river"
just resonated in me as:
"I hate Pug but I love clean code"


Totally right, Madza! πŸ˜‚

Sorry I just wanted to point out that I hate swimming, pools and the beach... I don't know why it just came out as "I hate water"!


Graz is a wonderful city, and I think I could use some capucchinos myself. πŸ˜‰

And congratulations for joining LinkedIn learning.


Thank you so much, Ali!

Honestly, don't tell anyone but, those were the best capucchinos ever.


Congrats for the new Role, and all the best !!!


Congratulations πŸ₯³ Desire! This a big step in your traveling, the courses and video tutorials always help the people in his goals. 😁


Thank you so much, JesΓΊs, I'll do my best! πŸ€—


Congratulations!!!! on being a LinkedIn Instructor........
Wish you Wonderful journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!