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I wrote an app to speed up my job hunting process

So I gave myself a challenge called October Hunt. The challenge is to write as much cover letter as I can and get a developer job in October.

On average, I'd send an application every 5-15 minutes. As I'm using a self-made template, about 70% of the things I write would always be the same.

Today, instead of continuing in the old way, which is customizing my template for each company, I created a (ReactJS) app that sped up my process 3x times.

The app is called Smart Cover Letter. It's not live yet. I'll probably share it globally after getting a job. Until then, I will also connect it to a (MongoDB / Firebase) database so that I won't have to record every single company I apply to on an Excel spreadsheet.

Once again, I fell in love with coding and problem-solving.

Thanks for reading, stay safe!

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tsanak profile image

Hey very cool idea.
Would love to know a bit more about the app.
Good luck on your job hunt 🙂 !

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KangWei Yew • Edited

Hey Tsanak! Thanky you! Basically the entire cover letter will be written after I fill up some fields like company name, vision, interest, etc. But of course I'll customize further if the company seems really interesting. I attached a little sneak peek for you hehe (no design has been made yet, just some Bootstrap elements). Tell me if you couldn't view the picture

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Sung M. Kim

Using technology solving one's own problem. Nicely done~

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KangWei Yew

Thank you Kim! I love solving problems and it's one of the reasons why I love programming so much :)