IOS or Android Application

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I am currently in my last year of university and I am required create either a web app or a phone app. I am more so of going into making a phone app since I have not experienced of making one yet and I was wondering on what you guys would recommend. IOS or Android app ?


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Do you have access to an Apple computer?

If yes. Try Apple. Supportive community. Quantity of high quality learning materials. Strength of development environment. It all comes together nicely.


Hi Ian! Yes indeed. I have a macbook air. Would I be able to use ASP .Net Core for creating a IOS application ?


If you are asking - can you use your Mac and develop using Xamarin studio (MS cross platform app platform). Yes you can.

However. Just remember that developing an app using a cross platform environment like Xamarin will be much harder than doing the same in either Apple Xcode or Android Studio.

My recommendation would be to keep it simple and not over complicate your project. Choose either Android or Apple and go for it.

I was planning on using Visual Studio code for mac to create my project which supports ASP .Net Core too!

So it sounds like you're looking to build a web app and that you've already settled on .Net. Using a Mac to build a .Net web app is not an area I have exposure to, in fact I know no-one doing that, but I know plenty of people using Windows to build .net. Anyhow...I'll break off at this point.

Good luck!

Thanks Ian anyway for your input and I'll keep researching!