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Hmm, one month ago, I with my friend had started a new pet project. My motivation is quite simple, I like work with my friend. Also it's fun cuz I do something new. And to be honest, I don't have any another reasons to work on that project.


It's my job, my job keeps me focused. I don't work side projects because I need the stressors of a work environment to stay focused. If I only work hobby or side stuff I will start strong and never finish. I must have 20 projects I haven't finished spanning 20 years. I'm not kidding....


As opposed to looking to start one big project, I'd recommend starting lots of little ones across your interests/passions/skills. Build small, simple apps/ideas and then put them live. Then see which ones you find the most satisfying and also which ones seem to be filling a need for your target audience.

It's extremely motivating to see people using what you've built, so that can provide a huge boost! Best of luck with your next project 👍


To me rivalry is what keeps me going. The fact that there's someone out there better at something than I am.


The feeling that I'm becoming better. It is very hard and I myself have struggled a bit into this thing of "I need to be passionate about building software".

I have elaborated some of my thoughts on this some time ago here:

And most recently here:

Hopefully it can help.


Ignore "passion." There is work that needs to be done and that's the extent of the problem. Thinking you need "passion" causes you to burnout by trying to be bleeding edge when it's unnecessary.

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