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Will AI Replace Developers?

Are you worried about the rise of AI and its potential to replace developers? Many people share this concern, but the reality is more complex than we might think. In this article, we’ll explore the relationship between AI and developers and address some common misconceptions.


🔥 The Reality of AI and Developers

First, let’s consider the ways in which AI and developers are already working together. Here are some examples:

  • Automating repetitive tasks: AI can take care of tedious and time-consuming tasks, such as testing and debugging, freeing up developers to focus on more creative and high-value work.

  • Enhancing software testing: AI can help improve software testing by automatically identifying bugs and suggesting improvements.

  • Improving code quality: AI can analyze code to identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend changes to improve its quality.

As you can see, AI and development are not mutually exclusive fields. Instead, they complement each other in various ways.

🤔 How Can AI Simplify Human Work?

Frameworks as development frameworks or libraries with definitions already naturally simplify the work of software developers. Developments such as containerization or the serverless concept also go in this direction.

The developers take care of the heart of the application, while the runtime environment is made available by others. More or less annoying peripheral tasks, such as the implementation and configuration of the hardware, the management of the traffic, and the like, are no longer necessary.

An example: A creative web designer could in future hand over his mockup to the AI, which then creates the HTML code from it. All the rules and all the knowledge that the AI ​​needs for this would be very easy to teach it.

🎩 How Will AI Impact Programming Jobs?

The fact also seems that the work of software developers will change fundamentally. Neural networks or artificial intelligence will help improve digital work, but they will hardly replace developers in the foreseeable future.

We are already using small-scale learning systems – from the auto-completion already mentioned in the Google search to playlists from the music streaming service provider that always offers the right music according to individual taste, current mood, and times of the day.

The need for application developers has increased significantly. Digitization is taking place in all areas of life and work – after all, someone has to develop the AI, control it, and set the framework and data.

😀 How Can AI Help Programmers?

In the meantime, before replacing them, AI rather begins to integrate with programming tools to help developers improve the quality of their code and speed up their work. Thus, the new Visual Studio 2019 incorporates an AI called IntelliCode, which helps in formatting the code and provides recommendations. Kite does the same for programming in Python. DeepCode scans source codes for vulnerabilities.

Google also has a bug prediction AI. Another example, “ Sketch 2Code “, is based on an AI which transforms interface drawings made by hand into HTML code

🔥 What is the Future of AI?

In short, AI ​​is not yet ready to replace programmers. But current projects demonstrate that we will be able to ask him to code for himself in the relatively near future. In the meantime, it is part of the “augmented” developer movement, allowing it to produce fewer bugs and code faster.

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Frank Font

AI is and will continue to replace some functions -- a bit at a time until it is good enough to do the "whole job". That may take a while for some positions.

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Muhammad Uzair

Yeah. It might take a bit long to replace some workforce.