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Vicente Antonio G. Reyes
Vicente Antonio G. Reyes

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Explain git rebase to me like I'm five

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How does this work?

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Matt Cobley

I'd highly recommend watching How Git Works by Paolo Perrotta on Pluralsight. There's a section on rebasing that I'll link to here, but it's best to watch the whole thing to pick up all of the background that makes this simple to understand:

(A bit of a cop-out response, I know, but I think this course is OUTSTANDING and will do a much better job than me of explaining it)

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Sarah Abd

I love illustrations and pratice so I guess this is a good explanation :
You can find how rebase works but other things also :)

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Ryan Latta

Rebasing is a tricky concept to grasp, as well as its consequences.

Lets try this metaphor.

Imagine a heavy metal chain. Each link in the chain is a git commit. Each link knows about the one before it.

Most non-rebase commands work by simply attaching new links to the chain.

Rebase, on the other hand, breaks one of the links, and then rebuilds a brand new chain from that point.

The reason this matters is that when you use git you're sharing the chain. When someone makes a mistake with rebase, you have to solve the problem that someone else threw away that shared chain created a new one and has thrown it at you.

This is why most advice you'll find about rebasing follows a golden rule of you can rebase things that you've not shared/pushed.

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Emmanuel Barroga

Mommy branch and daddy branch merge and get a new baby branch.

Einstein gets human branch and robot branch and turns human branch into a cyborg.

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Kelly Brown

rebase = re-apply the commits on this branch to a different starting point