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Muhammad Hamza Hijazi
Muhammad Hamza Hijazi

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Is it Necessary to use Redux with a Next.js application ?

is using redux with next.js based app is considered anti-pattern or we are supposed to use redux even with next.js application like all other react applications.

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Chad Adams

I use with my next.js project. I would recommened redux but use a library like this to reduce the boilerplate. One thing thats nice about using Redux is you can take advantage of Redux dev tools which can be very useful.

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Konrad Lisiczyński • Edited

This question could be rephrased as: "Is it Necessary to use Redux with a React.js application" :)

Next.js is just a framework on top of React which simplifies Server Side Rendering setup, but it is still React. And React/Redux combo is very popular and still often used, also by me, so the answer is - it is not necessary, but totally possible! The bigger the app and the more you like functional programming, the better chance Redux will be a good option!

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There's an official example with redux in the nextjs repo:
So I'd say, not an anti pattern.

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there is no need for it. You can use the context api instead.

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Karan Pratap Singh

Not an anti pattern, you can use it if you want but it’s not necessary, personally I would recommend zustand

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its nightmare on persisting data, not recomended

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Truong Hoang Dung

It depends on types of app you build. Do you need global state ? If yes, then Redux is useful, else Redux is unnessessary.