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Muhammad Hamza Hijazi
Muhammad Hamza Hijazi

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What to learn and use for statement management in React ?

As facebook open source team released new State management library for react apps which is Known as Recoil , which seems pretty fascinating what should we developers use in our next React projects for state management e.g Redux , context, or Recoil ? And why ? And any good reason ?

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Andrei Dascalu

I would say learn Redux and Context. Redux is the most popular and has lots of resources and examples (though not all of them are the best). Context is the native way to handle state. It has the advantage of not polluting your modules with extra packages and fits lots of base use cases.

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Ruben Arushanyan
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jan paul

hi bro. i made good experience with redux. it works handy once you get it and you can use it for almost everting you want.