How to Create React, Vue or TS/JS Projects from the Address Bar 🤯

horusgoul profile image Horus Lugo ・1 min read

Did you know that you could just type react.new in the address bar to create a React project? The same applies for Vue, TypeScript and JS too!

Try it!

All thanks to CodeSandbox, I bet there are more but I couldn't find a list.

Did you know about this? Do you know if there are more special URLs?


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@ben we definitely need a domain like this, for writing new dev.to posts!
Although the price is pretty steep  💸😬

But I don't really know what the domain would be. The obvious choice would be devto.new, but that doesn't follow the other domains' patterns, eg. story.new (medium), playlist.new (spotify), task.new (Asana).
dev-post.new maybe?


was it a sarcasm when u say u dunno dev-post.new "maybe.." and now it's true?


The link in my reply is fake ;)
dev-post.new doesn't exist (yet)