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Everything you need in One Repo

Hello friends, after writing so many free resource posts, I decided to put them together on a website, you can check it out.


For now, I have included:

  • Free resources for learning how to code
  • Free images/videos and tools
  • Free React.js resources
  • Free CSS Resources
  • Free Javascript resources
  • Free Next.js resources
  • Job hunting resources
  • BONUS: Career resources (Resume Builders, Linkedin tips, portfolio tips, career advice)

You can clone, fork, or download the code, and add your own resources. It is really handy with a good navigation system. I have used Docusaurus, I didn't want to write it on a Markdown page, because I find it hard to navigate.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and don't forget to give it a star ⭐️ so that other developers also can see it.

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