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Is there a topic you wish there was an article about?

humberd profile image Maciej Sawicki ・1 min read

I'm a senior frontend/fullstack engineer and also a team lead of 7 people. I know stuff about browsers, devtools, js, html, css, building layouts, frontend frameworks, backend servers, writing good APIs, optimizing stuff, writing readable code, deploying the app to a server, automating deployment pipelines, etc. You name it.

I want to start writing articles and my question to you is:

  • What is the topic you wish there was an article about?
  • What topics most of the articles only scratch the surface?
  • What do you think is cool, but you don't know how to do?

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Jessica Valencia • Edited
  1. Software trends in 2021
    Most of articles I found in Google Search are similar :(

  2. CI/CD pipeline setup to server that I have ssh access (not just EC2 and heroku!)

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I would like to see an article about optimization. How do you identify issues? How formal is your baseline benchmarking process/ how do you measure progress? What does the nitty gritty details of the optimization step look like? How do you detect performance regressions down the road? Do you agree or disagree that “premature optimization is the root of all evil”?

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Abdur Rehman Khalid

Nice Idea, I guess I should write about it as I have tried to solve these problems, in the past.

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Tomi Adenekan

May be this is just a beginner thing but I would love to see a tutorial on how to move from localhost to actual servers. Could you please point me to some resources (or make a tutorial on it)? Thanks. 😁

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What I'd be interested in is a guide to scraping in the cloud with free tier and without breaking terms of use (services which don't want to host a scraper)

Such as using GitHub Actions on a schedule to query Twitter API or save a given HTML page. And then to persist in one of the many free database services like BackendLess or FaunaDB or Hasura or Firebase.

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Alain D'Ettorre
  1. A proper guide for using the debugger in the browser
  2. Quirks of JavaScript
  3. Architecture, architecture, architecture
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ender minyard

Kubernetes from Beginner to Advanced

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I would like to know where to log app crahes, errors and etc..

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Michael • Edited

As in where to put in log statements in the code or where to store the results or which application to store and visualize logs?

Usually you have Express, Flask, etc. logging requests which get logged to an app log on a standard out or a custom directory you set.

e.g. /var/log/my_app/access.log

You might have an error log and an access log as separate files.

And then if you have Nginx or Apache on top, then you write those to the preferred location. Roughly /var/log/apache2/access.log

And then use a system like AWS CloudWatch or Grafana or Datadog to make your logs visible in a dashboard.

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How about SPA application only?
What is your favourite system where to filter/visualize logs?

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Oh right forgot about that side. So if there a SPA setup and have a folder of assets served, your console logs would disappear.

We use Datadog and previously New Relic. They let you add a JS snippet on your frontend to send your error messages and RUM (real user monitoring) to find out which pages and devices have slowest performance or most errors. And then you consume logs as dashboards in those systems.

Netlify has added an analytics plugin to their paid tier which does analysis on the server side even if JS is not loaded on the frontend. Don't know how it handles SPA but might be nice for static site. As it doesnt add Google Analytics overhead to your frontend.

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A. S. Zaghloul

I want any resource that can deep dive into webpack, babel and how to switch to different bundlers.

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I have a repo with quickstarts across bundlers and doing something similar with each.

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Winston Puckett

"How do you import a module in a subfolder in Rust" I cannot find a tutorial which explains it in a simple enough way I can understand it.

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Josh Leong

What's actually happening under the hood of the boilerplate code. Node.js/Express.js', Java's excess code, same with C#...So confusing.

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Tobias Nickel

I would like to see more articles about lesser known modules, some new gem to discover.

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functional JavaScript programming with real world use cases for front end devs and not tied to any framework:)