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Did you relocate ? Tell me your rellocation experiences

I'm getting offers for relocation outside my country, I'm wondering if it's common for developers to relocate to country ? If yes what are your experiences ? I'm willing to move just about anywhere for a dev position, but I don't know how commonly this happens.How should I go about this? Should I watch out for some red flags and what are they ?

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I just activated my account to reply to this post! :)

I've lived in 4 different countries in a period of 10 years. Here's my list:

About the offer:

  • Gross Salary
  • Net Salary (after mandatory deductions, mostly taxes)
  • Stock options
  • Sign in bonuses
  • Other benefits (health, dental, pension)

About the country:

  • Visa
  • Long Term visas/Citizenship Processes to stay long term in the country if you happen to want to stay there 4evah™
  • Housing costs
  • Food costs
  • Purchasing power
  • House market (if you wanna buy a house later)
  • Language (do you speak the language? wanna learn it?)

Things you care about:

  • Everything that you do today or wanna do tomorrow that you care about
  • Culture
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Anything you can think of...


  • Assess them. We all take risks.

As you can see. Most of the things in my list are related to money and day to day stability. So this is a time for self reflection and see what do you need money for.

Red flags? There are many depending on what you care about the most. Happy to bounce back if you have comments :)

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Andrew Bone

A great detailed answer. Welcome to Dev 😊

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Son Goku Author

Thank you, for answering :)

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You will make it, you are the greatest Saiyan in the Universe (7).

What Rafa have list is an amazing recomendation, It's always tricky and risky, but, that's what is life about. I moved from Mexico to US, I do miss my family, but I'm looking forward to give a better education to my kids. I would add to Rafa's, if you have family, look what's the best for them first. We all can make an outstanding sacrifice when we have the right motivation.

New places are always great, just consider as well the racial discrimination (if you will become part of a minory), your current culture and traditions and how they get along with that (religion, politics).

Also I would encourage you to take or try to learn self defence, you will be your only help for a few months, stay alert about everything, normally people is good and making friends will be the best, but there is always people who looks for easy targets. Following this, keep your contacts close.

Plan your comute, check how expensive is the public transportation, how much it cost to get and mantain a car (price + insurance + gas). My advice, move to a walking distance near your job if possible and/or look for a place near the public transportation routes, stay close.

Create an emergency plan, it's always handy to let people know (and know if they are willing to help if happens) you will request their help if anything happens.

Create a escape plan, you never know.

Stay away from problems, law, toxic people, ghosts from the past.

Enjoy the experience. It is overwhelming and in some point painful, but, pain is here to pass, when you get in the desperation remember "this shall pass too".

And the most important, get open yourself to learn new things and add more people to your circle, as an outsider speaking about your culture (the good things) is always a good card to make friends.

I hope it helps.

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Son Goku Author

That first line :DDD
Thank you so much, for answering & providing detailed answer :)

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I think in post-COVID times, people prefer working remotely than going to an office. Do your offer provides you an option to WFH? If I were you, I prefer more on offers that gives me an option to stay home and work.

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Son Goku Author

Yes there are options to work from home, but I'm thinking about moving to other country since my country is in the list of poorer countries :)