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Top 5 Web Developers You Should follow To Succeed Without a Degree- Part 2

After the huge success of the first part of this article Top 5 Web Developers You Should Follow to Succeed Without a Degree, with more than 25K views. Thanks to all the readers and especially the active readers (commented and/or liked my article), I have decided to write this article. Here we go, if you're serious about success you should follow these 5 experts.

1-Brad Traversy

Brad started off building client websites for a company he created called Tech Guy Web Solutions and later on discovered his real passion was teaching web development & programming in a simple and understandable way. Brad now runs one of the top web dev & programming YouTube channels.

You can check Brad's Udemy courses here

2-Chris Sean

Chris is an experienced frontend engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the publishing industry. He's skilled in Vue.js, Microsoft Word, Sales, Management, and Social Media. Also, Chris is a talented strong engineer.

You can check this awesome article about Chris:

And you can check his work on Youtube.

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3-Moshfegh Hamedani

Moshfegh Hamedani is a passionate and pragmatic software engineer specializing in web application development with ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Entity Framework, Angular, Backbone, HTML5, and CSS. He has a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering and a Master of Science in Network Systems. Whilst he never learned how to create a game, he has over 15 years professional experience developing web applications.

Check out his website and enjoy up to 20 amazing courses

4-Joshua Fluke

Joshua is an ambitious and hard worker. In fact, he worked his way into the industry with no background in development, and have consistently found ways to get himself and his students a foot in the door. Often times these students have zero, or minimal prior experience. Traditional education is a minimal factor in development, therefore he thinks outside the box with his approach.

He has worked with over 35 students from all ages and backgrounds, and have had many students with multiple job offers simultaneously.

He can be the mentor that you're searching for, check out his website

Also his Youtube channel offers a lot of development tools, tricks, and hacks


5-Paul Halliday

Last but not least, "the Paul Halliday". Paul is a software developer who's passionate about learning through teaching. His courses have over 20,000 students and the content ranges from cross-platform mobile applications to web applications and VR experiences.

He perfectly shows his skills on his website.

I hope this article finds you well and helps you to achieve your goals and dreams. Always remember, what comes easily goes easily. Hard work, consistency and passion are your tools to success.

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