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explainable web?

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to put this out, if there anything which resembles XAI for web. I don't know if this is even a valid point.

There are many tools, platforms, analysers which might be niche for a particular part of web, say traffic analysis or user behaviour etc., but what about looking at the whole picture? There is DOM and all the other things, inspecting stuff in browsers, but is that something an end user would be able to understand and care about?

On the other hand, the whole debate about black box models in machine/deep learning and biases and so forth has been a discussion front page in ML in 2018! Did we just skip the entire web and jump onto something which was more esoteric, because people think PhDs are working on it? I mean obviously the web is a trillion times more complex than a model predicting something, it's the arrogance of thinking that web is a solved problem.

Is that what Tim Berners-Lee is doing with SOLID & Inrupt? Because I don't understand blockchain really ! :(

And so, in my limited knowledge, I wanted to ask if there are tools which allows you to basically look though the web(what's my UI doing, what happens if I click this, what's the point of this, how was this comment added, what will happen if I click on this like) just like say tensorplayground allows you to look through a model, even though you might need some background knowledge.

Also, I apologise for my extremely limited knowledge of the web, please forgive me!πŸ˜…

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Ben Halpern

What about web tools, traffic loggers, etc. Do they count? What about those plus, say tools like,, Google trends?

Can you clarify what you're looking for here?

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Thanks Ben for responding!

It was more of a thought, less so of a goal, and the things you've mentioned are exactly what helps us to throw light on everything that behind the page. I think my thoughts are not coherent on this, and I'm sorry for that.

More frankly, I was kind of split between the following things:

  1. W3 web standards are for making things common for everyone to consume.
  2. Frameworks are for developers to use abstraction to deliver content/applications.
  3. GDPR is for making information available, openness, transparency, privacy etc.
  4. XAI (which is where the thought came out of) is driving the need for developers to make their inherent models show what they're doing, even for laypersons, or business people who might not know what's under the hood.
  5. Myriads of libraries, stacks are there to get the stuff to the end user, who in most fairness probably would not care how the delivery is done.

In a very naive sense, how can a browser/or no browser tell you what's happening (without using any tool etc.) and show you things behind the scenes while they happen for an average Joe, in case they'd like to know.

I think I'm having the following feeling writing this: However Thank you so much again for responding! :)


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Yeah exactly! Full stack override!