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Announcing a new podcast: Maintainers Anonymous

Released last week and have recorded 3 episodes so far!

I wrote about this back in January, but I've been meaning to chat with more folks about the how of open source and what it feels like to be a maintainer, of any shape/role. Something I'd like to try doing is to talk with people who are maintainers but are outside of our open source/tech industry: maybe librarians, gardeners, organizers? Let me know if you have any suggestions in this vein after you get an idea of what I'm talking about!

The first episode is on a topic I really am interested in: video game speedrunning! The next two are with Stephanie as we talk about business and open source.

Please subscribe and rate it if you like it! Feel free to support the show by donating to my Patreon

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Jess Lee

Awesome stuff Henry!

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Thanks Jess! Excited to do more/