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10+ Resources for recreating old school & retro user interfaces today!

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Recreate your childhood or go retro with these cool user interface resources.

1. NES.css

NES.css is NES-style (8bit-like) CSS Framework.

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2. Amiga Workbench

A Javascript Amiga Workbench 1.3.3 look and feel clone.

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3. Classic Mac

A framework for presenting a Web interface using native CSS replications of the Mac OS 8.1 interface components. The project's name is a play on After Dark, as after-dark-css inspired this framework and provided the foundational window layout.

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4. Retro

A retro-looking desktop UI with icons, folders, windows, taskbar and keyboard shortcuts!

GitHub logo ritenv / retro-desktop

A Retro Desktop UI built on Vanilla JS (vintage)

Retro Desktop UI

A retro-looking desktop UI with icons, folders, windows, taskbar and keyboard shortcuts!


Built back in 2012, this retro desktop UI is still something I cherish in terms of how it functions. It is built using vanilla JS (no modern JS frameworks), while utilizing the jQuery library. All components: UXWindow, UXIcon, etc. are written in vanilla JS.

The Premise

The Retro Desktop UI mimics a typical desktop interface. The idea is to have mini applications served from within the desktop UI, run via native web views (iframe) or dynamically loaded templates.

The Architecture

Built back in 2012, the architecture is quite simple and basic. However, the API is extensive and extendable to create powerful applications on top of the UI as base.

Each mini application starts with an icon placed on the desktop. The icon, upon clicking, spawns a new window process that loads within…

5. CRT - AnderShell 3000

A retro-looking shell using CSS and JavaScript.

Somewhat inspired by PipBoy and old-school UNIX terminals.

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6. Bootstrap 386

Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

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7. Tui CSS

Text-based user interface CSS framework

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8. Windows 95 UI Kit

Fly back in time and use this free Windows 95 User Interface Kit to create awesome retro websites.

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9. React 95

Refreshed Windows95 UI components for your modern React apps.
Built with styled-components πŸ’…

Alt Text

10. Windows 98 CSS

Alt Text

11. Window 98 on the web

This project was created to push myself in HTML and CSS3 and to learn more in depth jQuery and Babel ES6.

Alt Text

12. CSS Windows 10

A more modern style but still super cool!!

A CSS / JS based Windows 10 UI, just for fun.

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I knew about Nes.CSS, but others, not so much.

Thanks for sharing.


I'm super tempted by Tui CSS! There's probably a way to rewrite some old QuickBasic stuff :)


This is so nice!! Thanks for sharing :D


Good tools for create original websites, thanks for sharing.


Another one is xterm. It allows you to create terminal interfaces.