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Shivam Pandey
Shivam Pandey

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The Love Story💕 Of A Developer👦 With His Development💻.

I have always done what I wanted to do,never listened to anyone who stopped me from achieving my goals and my vision.

I still remember those days when I and my friend vivek singh were discussing some plans to make some online presence.

I still remember 7-8 years back when I looked at other's website and would be figuring out how it works,what's the logic behind this,time passed by and it was time to take admission in some college to study What Computer Science is all about.

They started teaching their courses and subjects📚 and after one year I could not figure out,Is that what I was waiting for many years,It didn't seemed relevant and I started figuring out online ,How Tech Architecture is designed,scalability,servers,networking,development,UX,UI, and soon I joined the Entrepreneurship .

Building something of my own always excited me,and it was my dream to build something of own and take that furthur as a business.


The story started earlier in 2016 when we joined Lovely Professional University,

Apoorv Bhatnagar was my roommate and we were discussing to bring some change in the Education Industry and thus our journey as an entrepreneur started.

We started developing our product early in 2017 and got it completed in 2019,and formed our venture YesTeacher Private Limited.

It took me two years developing a product, As stated above I chosed Entrepreneurship and my parents were asking me about the campus placements, I had to make a choice between my dreams and my placements,obviously i chose my dreams,I lied to my parents that I am sitting in campus placements.

You can rarely find such friends who believes in your dreams and vision,But getting such friends is a dream come true.


We developed two products and integrated into one.
Question : Is there any system through which we can pay teachers salaries at an affordable cost in bulk?
Alt Text
What if i want to arrange parent teacher meetings online ?
What if i want to analyse,track student performance over the years ?
Alt Text


Thanks 🙏 to AWS for funding us 1000$

Alt Text


My parents always wanted me to seek a job , but they didn't know that their son was preparing to provide jobs, If everyone would seek job then there should be someone to provide them as well.

This journey wasn't easy , there were many ups and downs as we didn't told our parents, Forming the company was tough for us, we started saving every penny, even sometimes limited our food to one time a day, that's how you fight for your dream , but the end results gives you a satisfaction that whatever happened it happened for a good reason.

Despite all the challenges i felt sometimes,what made me went through this journey,It's all determination and consistency and a strong vision towards your goal.

No matter how hard the world tries to bring you down, but it's you who has to decide and keep moving in life,

Failure is just one step towards success.

Rejection doesn't mean you aren't capable,but it's consistency and hard work towards your goals,which will ultimately lead you towards success.

Chosing Between Love And Development

Being a developer my love 💕 life was not balanced,I always ignored her although I loved her way too much more than my development sometimes.
There were infinite reasons to love her,but some of them are
Alt Text
I made an alias command to remember her daily,this is what a developer can do 😔.

alias loveyounafhu='systemctl poweroff -i'

A developer will not show how he is struggling deep inside,but will always help you out in your worse situation.

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