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Fluent Terminal Themes

Since the last couple of days I started using fluent terminal instead of my regular cmd shell. Which is pretty good by the way but fluent terminal is pretty dope because it offers something that all of us crave for.

Switching themes 🙂 ikr

For more info. about fluent terminal is general you can checkout this post by Robin Kretzschmar

I'm here to present you with collection of themes that you can use in the fluent terminal. provides us with about 282+ themes more of less.
Yep that many.

You can get a json file with an array of all those themes easily on the internet but you can't use it directly unless you change that into the proper format in which fluent terminal asks its file to by. Couple of tweaks nothing much.

And to do that I present you with a little script that I wrote to extract out all those themes into a separate folder.
You can pull it down from my Github. Just run the index file and you're good to go.

Fluent Terminal Theme Generator

Steps to generate files

git clone
cd ./fluent-terminal-theme-generator
node index.js
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et voila.

And finally my favourite CyberPunk2077.
I love a lot of themes but a combination of pink and purple make it look my a delicious cup of sundae.

If you wish to take a preview, visit
Good luck with finding your precious delight.

Thanks for reading have a great day.

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Wow! This is Amazing! Thank you so much <3

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Atulit Anand

Yw :)