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Best advice I've gotten from managers

Seek constraints

Having too much freedom can impede focus. Actively reframe creative work with limitations to make progress.

Hit lots of singles

You don't need a homer (⚾) to make impact. You can steal bases, bat singles, and even make sacrificial bunts. Just remember that if you ever feel overwhelmed for prolonged periods of time, it's probably because you're trying to do too much. You are part of a team; lean on them. Keep hitting singles, and your time will come.

Compasses over maps

A solid directional sense towards a goal beats a detailed plan of well-known pathways. Plans change; they always do. Directions don't. Follow the compass.


You don't know everything. Reach out. Collaborate. Ask stupid questions. Also ask great questions.

Share prolifically

Make it clear to people what you're working on. If no one knows what you're working on, then you're not working. Sharing prolifically facilitates knowledge scaling. See:

Be human

A company is just a group of people. Communicate thoughtfully with awareness and emotional intelligence. Small gestures can have large impacts.

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