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My 100daysOfCode Journal - Introduction….

Before I start my 100DaysOfCode Journal, it's time for a little bit of introduction.

About me…

I am Himanshu Patel, I am self taught developer from India. To add.. I have a degree in Bachelor Of Commerce, but my love for computers motivated me to try learning web development and sorts. In my earlier years of college, I didn't had internet at home. So I preferred learning from books.. since than these books became my best friends.

First language or shall i say thing that i learned was C & C++, to my taste it was booooooring(I was not finding it interesting, duh)and not my cup of tea. So I started learning some PHP, my first project was total s**t, but that gave me an idea. So i starting making some mooore PHP projects. While I was learning PHP, I came to know about Python and well.. dropped PHP as i came to know how awesome Python is. In early days of python I was learning how to make programs work. Well my first program was simple application that I used to read PDF and text file. That got me more interested in Python.

My First Job.. I mean an internship and so on....
My very first job was that of an intern, I was asked to work on PHP. I wanted to get into the tech so I accepted it. Learned a few things here and there while learning more and more python. I was in it for almost an year while trying to finish my college. I took RHCE certification at around same time of my last year in college (2019) and made it to top 5 of my class.

In Year 2009, I passed out from my college and looked for my a job in IT. It was difficult for me to get something, but got one as a systems administrator. I learned so much about networking, systems, technology and what not. It was a good exposure for me.
Eventually, after working my butt off for almost 4 years, I left that job too. I got my very first job as a developer at CodeKrieg. It was a Ruby on Rails developer job. That was the point when i was actually happy and was enjoying the work I am doing. I built so many robust systems and applications that helped our clients. Down the line, I climbed up to position as a Lead Developer at the same company. My work was appreciated by people I was working with.

Over the course of time, the company did grew. But due to some financial crunches, everything went down and they ran out of business in 2015. It was a sad day for me, but hey! that's not the end of it. While i was not having a job, I started working as freelancer and got some gigs, that got the ball rolling.
In August of 2016 I landed another job as a Associate Infrastructure Analyst, where I was suppose to work with servers, and help developers with different issue they might face on infrastructure side. This was a good job but short lived. Well, again… i left that too.

For an year, I was doing more than 2 jobs as a freelancer and learning and coding using python. Finally, i landed the job as Technical Team Lead and working on Python now. I have developed a number of products in 1 year span and successfully delivered them too.

I love the idea of continuity of learning in Tech, this keeps me running. In the past years, I have worked on number of languages. I worked with C C++, Python, Laravel, Haskell Language.

Why 100daysofcode…..???
Because, I love challenges!!. Well that and the fact that I have a few projects that I wanted to finish, but was not able to as I was too lazy to take time for my own learning. For past year, I was trying to finish my website/portfolio/blog you can call it anything but due to my engagements at work, I was not able to do that at all. I was more or less feeling awkward about not getting started and finishing them off… 100DaysOfCode was one of the best reason for me to challenge my self up(or end up in putting myself to shame over the internet for not finishing it lol :D)

What I will be covering in 100DaysOfCode

  1. Flask
  2. React
  3. Mongo
  4. Self Driven cars
  5. A.I

I will try to record all my 100daysofcode each day here.
If you would like to know more about me you can connect me over


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