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Best Tools For Web Development

Hi guys! I am just a beginner in web development and don't know much, but I am sure these tools will help you a lot!

1. Glitch —

Glitch Screenshot
Glitch is a tool that you can use to host your websites. Just sign in, create a project, put in your code and it will instantly be available on the internet for anyone to view! Don't worry, you won't be stuck with the subdomain, you can easily add up to 5 custom domains to each project. If you want to make your code and/or hosted app private you will need to upgrade to their paid plan.

2. CSS Gradient —

CSS Gradient
CSS Gradient is an amazing tool for creating gradients for your websites. It also has a gallery of premade gradients for you to use in your web development projects.

3. GitHub —

GitHub is a tool you can use to share your projects online and allow others to contribute. It is also a great place to find code if you are someone like me and are very new to web development (or you're just lazy and you can't be bothered coding).

4. W3Schools —

If you are just like me and don't know much HTML, then you need to go to W3Schools! W3Schools is an amazing tool because it really helps us new coders to learn code that we can use in our websites.

That's all folks! I'll be adding more soon!

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gizmecano profile image
P. Mergey

IMHO, you should probably consider checking out MDN Web Docs (usually more accurate) rather than W3Schools.

Some must-have resources among others may include DevDocs (for fast consultation of various documentations) and Can I Use (for cross-browser developments).

xelaflash profile image

I agree W3Schools is often outdated and not really best pratice.
But still good for some silly search like syntax html attributes...etc.

crimsonmed profile image
Médéric Burlet

I would have added:

sznroe profile image
Sujan Rai

Nice post

ihsface profile image

Thank you!

meghanar121 profile image
Meghana Rajappa

check this out for markup validation:

arvindsridharan profile image

Absolutely good way to validate HTML files for adherence to rules.

arvindsridharan profile image

Do you guys use any templating engine like handlebars.js. if so how did you learn and how much time it took you.

trollboy_j profile image

Codecademy is also a very good place to start.

rgails profile image
Ryan Gails

I stumbled on CSS Gradient a year or so ago and it's an awesome tool!

menaiala profile image
Menai Ala Eddine

W3Schools has several mistakes. MDN ( from Mozilla ) may the most curated resource for the web development.

arvindsridharan profile image

Great post.