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Medium or which one do you prefer ?

Mohammed Ismail
・1 min read

which platform increased your skills Medium or

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Muhammad Uzair

Recently started using i found it more relevant and easier much like Social media for techies.
Medium is only cool when you search on google and end up on medium otherwise that's not live community.

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Mateusz Podlasin

I am relatively new to, but I find it great.

I feel that it is going more towards what medium seemed to be at the beginning - open platform for posting content in an open and community-centric way.

Also, making it only for developers really brings nice focus to the website. Do I want to read tech content? Then I just visit I never really browse Medium anymore.

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Functional Javascript

Psychologically I don't click on links anymore, because of the paywall they've placed in front of articles.

I wish them the best of luck on their business model; I'm sure it fills a certain niche.

Combining a freemium and a premium model is one of the best business models to use.

The science is in deciding where to draw that line.

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Jérémie Astor

Psychologically I don't click on links anymore, because of the paywall they've placed in front of articles.

Just that.

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aachh, obviously. I'm not gonna pay Medium to let me write my oh-how-amazing articles on their site lmao

If you mean "which one have I learned more from," that would probably have to be Medium; the majority of interesting articles are there.

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Tirtha Guha

In a world of Information Technology, information is of supreme value, so it absolutely makes sense to charge money for the knowledge you share. Medium is not wrong.

At the same time, we live in the world of FOSS too. So, knowledge can be free and be shared voluntarily. So, is great too.

Let the blogger chose. I prefer, because of Markdown syntax, and it is a Tech Blogging platform. Medium is a blogging platform for a variety of topics, not only Tech.

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Jérémie Astor

None. Honestly, beside the obvious stackoverflow, reddit.

Yet I think is very friendly and is a better fit to build a community.

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katy lavallee

Medium? never heard of it.

j/k Both have good content but I only end up on medium when following a link, whereas I check purposefully.

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DEV always, I am not even slightly encouraged to use Medium way too many trackers, forcing logins and paywall. Moreover I think it is a very bad platform for developers to put some articles there.

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Simon Prickett 🇪🇺

I syndicate to both, enjoy making a little cash from Medium, nothing much but helps pay for Arduinos and parts for more articles :)

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