what could a new developer write about?

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Hi, I just finished college and started a job as a fullstack developer working with .NET and AngularJS.
I have always wanted to write posts like we see around here because I think it's one of the coolest ways to express thoughts on tech and get people to discuss something and also because I have the desire to teach and give back to the community that helped me so much.

But what could I write about? One thing I think about sharing is how after 3 years of college I got a really nice internship and then a great job.

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I think new devs can write about specific topics they've researched. Purely out of curiosity, you could dive into some file in Angular and find out how it works. Learn and write about that. It will be useful to other newbies and experienced folks alike.

No need to get ultra high level.


Hey, Ben! Thanks for the tips. I will try to do as you said for my first post and then follow what Juan said below as well.


Like Ben said, you don't need to get ultra technical about something and it will also help that you define the audience you want to have (like other new grads).

For instance, one thing you can write about is about the why for the .NET and AngularJS combo, research about it and show the pros and cons your idea about sharing your experiences is also good material.


That seems good, I guess new grads would benefit from what I learned so far. Thank you!


I often write about something I don't understand or some basic topics just to check if I really understand fundamentals. Just try not to be too technical, most people will close the article (technical language is not very engaging haha).

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