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Ingo Steinke, web developer
Ingo Steinke, web developer

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Will the promise resolve? 🌎

Thank goodness it's Friday! and not just any other Friday...
Just a short post to state that it is possible to work AND campaign on the same day, but it is impossible to save humanity without changing anything.

I support sustainable development, environmentalism, and Developers For Future, which is why I made this nerdy T-shirt that I will wear at the Fridays for Future protests today.

This is the pseudo code written on my shirt:

climateAction = async election =>
    await Promise.resolve(election)
    || strike

Will the promise resolve?

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Ingo Steinke sitting at his desk in front of a keyboard wearing a t-shirt with pseudo-code: climateAction = async election => await Promise.resolve(election) || strike() Will the promise resolve? #devsForFuture #developers4future climateStrike

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Ingo Steinke, web developer

One year ago, I created my own "developers for future" t-shirt. Although many devs still don't seem to care (enough) about sustainability, ecology, ethics (just like many did not care much about accessibility, cross-device and performance optimization either until now), we now have tools to measure our impact and ongoing research about best practices to make a positive impact while doing our work.

Here are some useful links, and another selfie, wearing the same t-shirt, travelling by train to a sustainability conference in the south of Germany, coincidentally on the "world car free day" one day before another "global climate strike" (or rather protests demonstrations and campaigns all over the world).

Ingo standing on a platform in front of a high speed train, wearing the same t-shirt with the pseudo-code and motto: Will the promise resolve?

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Ingo Steinke, web developer

Developers celebrate technology, but has technology stopped war, poverty, hunger, injustice, climate change, and the destruction of planet earth by the human beings living on this very planet?

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Nice to see you back on here, been ages! Hope you are well!

Love the T!