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GitKraken - Awesome tool to manage git repositories

GitKraken, a powerfull tool to manage your Github repositories.

I'm really surprised with the powerfull of this tools.


Repository Tree - Beautiful screen.

GitKraken Interface

It has ability to connect with many specific git providers, including private repositories.

GitKraken Git Providers

Click here to download and start using this awesome tool!

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Chris Godber

I really enjoyed using GitKracken up until about a year ago you had to start paying to use it for anything but public repositories, at the time I was pretty poor and couldn't really justify paying for it so just went back to using the standard GitHub client. Might suck it up and check out the individual developer option though, it did really help my workflow I found when I did use it and it really is a step up over the GitHub client. $29 a year isn't too bad I guess

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