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Last call! Be a co-author of the complete guide for junior devs

isaacdlyman profile image Isaac Lyman ・1 min read

If you missed my prior post, here it is:

I'm looking for writers and storytellers to contribute to a complete guide for junior developers. It's already shaping up to be a great project and a lot of awesome people have signed up, but I want to make sure nobody misses the opportunity.

Want to write a guest chapter, tell your story about overcoming stereotypes, or give feedback on the book before it's released? See the original post, then send me an email.

If you've already signed up to help, there's an email in your inbox right now with important details about the project. If it went to your spam box, please mark it as Not Spam.

As the project progresses, I'll be posting updates with the tag #firstyearincode. I'm hoping to publish the finished book in July of this year, so stay tuned!


Announcements, bonus content and extras for the book "Your First Year in Code". Contributions that meet the submission guidelines are welcome!

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Isaac Lyman


Author of Your First Year in Code (leanpub.com/firstyearincode). Find more of my writing at isaaclyman.com/blog.


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I'd be willing to write / review Isaac. HMU: me@davidjeddy.com


I sent you an email, I'm very interested.


Hi Armando, we published the book a few months ago! You can get it here: leanpub.com/firstyearincode