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Staying motivated serves as a stimulant to the growth of a designer. Motivation is something that can make your dreams come true…or not. It is completely natural for your ambition to be at different stages during the lifetime of your goal.
Getting through the process all narrows down to self-motivation.

There are many things that can hinder a designer’s motivation and in turn plaguing creativity such as
2.Heavy work load,
4.Toxic people,
5.Poor communication,
6.Lack of appreciation etc.

There are innovative ways you can stay motivated and boost your creativity box as a designer

1.Seek for Mentorship.
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Starting off as a designer, I made sure I relate with my mentors on a daily/weekly basis by asking questions and sharing creative opinions and thoughts.
When you’re stuck in a creative block, a design mentor can challenge you to improve your creative skills, hence you will be able to reach your goals faster.

2.Embark on Personal Projects.
[I do this a lot:)]
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Embarking on personal projects doesn’t just build your portfolio, it gives you a shift on your strength level.

Working on personal projects helps to

  • They provide an opportunity to learn new skills with lower risk.
  • They can boost work performance by increasing creativity and productivity.

3.Explore Different Tools.
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Exploration of different design tools can boost your inspiration level and spawn up morale to get make researches on other scopes of design.

4.Interact With Fellow Designers.
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There were days when I pondered if anyone went through the struggles I experienced.
It was tough,rough and lonely because I didn’t have a lot of friends who were into design. I dealt with emotional instability and depression because I had no niche in design industry.
It is very important to partake and sign up for conferences/workshops to hear a design-related lecture or to stream an online creative talk.
I reached out to as many creatives as I could, meeting them for lunch and meetups to pick their brains.  
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Involving with a design community can boost your engagement with fellow industry leaders and experienced colleagues/peers that shares the same interests with you. I’m lucky to have such a huge pool of creatives in my life currently, that has aided my growth to 500%
In my locale,
•Tech Portharcourt
•Portharcourt Design Community,
•Creative Discourse and
•Interaction Design Association Portharcourt, has been of great help:)

5.Reward Yourself.
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Give yourself a heads up upon completion of a task, it could be taking yourself out on a fancy date or purchasing a clean tuxedo on ebay:)

6.Be Proactive.
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Don’t wait for goals to magically happen like fairytales, Step out and make it happen. Take out a task and smash it on a regular.

7.Dream Big.
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I’ve been a dreamer my whole life.Believe me your dreams fuels your energy to be passionate about creativity.
Ever since I considered to take design as a career, I nurture the dreamer in me to think big and positively.
It is the dream you crave for that make you imagine a glimpse of a great designer you want to be like and feel the joy of it.
We all want to be like Chris Do :) You know

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