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Boost your productivity using Markdown.

What’s Markdown?

Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax. It is designed so that it can be converted to HTML and many other formats using a tool by the same name.
from Wikipedia

Introducing the markdown formatting ⛷

1. Heading

# h1
## h2
### h3
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2. Emphasis

*Italic type*
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3. Fold

Fold the long sentences.

<details><summary>Boostnote is a notepad corresponding to markdown notation, which is a tool for organizing and sharing information.</summary>
- Features - <br>
· Search function to find memos in one shot
· Supports markdown notation <br>
· Support for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android <br>
· Export and import to Plain text (.txt), Markdown (.md) format <br>
· Supports PDF saving <br>
· Can be used offline <br>
· Synchronize to dropbox etc. with setting <br>
· Supports theme colors and numerous fonts <br>
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4. List

- List 1
- List 2
* List 3
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5. Link

Put a text on the left and a url on the right.

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6. Check box

- [x] Task 1
- [ ] Task 2
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7. Quotation

> Quotation
> Quotation Quotation
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8. Horizontal line

* * *
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9. Image

![Image title](
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10. Source code

Render: function () {
  Return (
    <div className="commentBox">
      <h1> Comments </h1>
      <CommentList data={} />
      <CommentForm onCommentSubmit={this.handleCommentSubmit} />
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11. Table

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These are the basic markdown formatting.
In addition to above, you can also complex formatting like following in Boostnote.


Mathematical formatting.

\mathrm{e}^{\mathrm{i}\theta} = \cos(\theta) + \mathrm{i}\sin(\theta)
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st=>start: Start:>[blank]
op1=>operation: My Operation
sub1=>subroutine: My Subroutine
cond=>condition: Yes or No?:>
io=>inputoutput: catch something…
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Title: Here is a title
A-> B: Normal line
B -> C: Dashed line
C -> D: Open arrow
D -> A: Dashed open arrow
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Boost Note for Teams

We’ve revealed a new collaboration wiki service called BoostHub.

It will be a collaboration version of Boost Note but much more powerful. The feature, called “Custom Blocks”, will let you make custom react components, integrated with various 3rd party app apis like Github and Trello, and embed them into markdown contents like MDX.

To know more, please check this slide.


Top comments (10)

fire profile image

Given that there are many different types of markdown and further feature segmentation based on the library implementing a specific version... which version of Markdown is being referred to in this article? Features like latex, flow charts, sequences, et al., aren't standard, and up until now I've never actually seen them included in any implementations.

belhassen07 profile image
Belhassen Chelbi

I use Jekyll as a static site generator, so after a good effort making a whole template , Jekyll offers a content management solution using markdown, as a front-end web developer who doesn't like CMSs , liquid Markdown was really helpful and I really love it, your post remembered me of that moment of "coup de foudre".
great post ♥

aspittel profile image
Ali Spittel

Awesome! I didn't know that you could use LaTeX in Markdown!

daniel123 profile image

I'm glad to hear that ;)

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Hmmm the markdown does not currently support LaTeX, I think we overlooked this altogether. We'll have to look into making this happen.

Thread Thread
aspittel profile image
Ali Spittel

I looked into GitHub's and they don't either -- I think there are a lot of security issues with it. Would be super nice to have an easy way to write equations in markdown even if it wasn't LaTeX both here and on GH!

micuffaro profile image

I write my Markdown docs in vim. Which Mac OS app would you recommend to display the markdown results? i push to different repositories, such as github and bitbucket, or use things like Macdown or sublime text, and the results of the displayed MD is always different in some little ways. Unsure if i am doing anything wrong.

chrisvasqm profile image
Christian Vasquez

Great collection, Kaz. I'll make sure to share it with my coworkers :)

pranay_rauthu profile image
pranay rauthu

I never thought sequence diagrams & flowcharts are possible with markdown. Also, Boostnote is amazing.

haripriya2002145 profile image

How to include videos in tutorials, how to get the link of the video