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My web dev journey with Scrimba

I am so glad because I finished "Learn JavaScript for free" course on today. I had learned little bit of programming in my college using MATLAB to make graphs and do calculations but I was not intereted in programming back then because it was so diffucult.

Now almost ten years have past since I graduated college, I am a diffrent person now. I started to get interested in programming languages. First I wanted to make a games instead of playing. I used to play lots of games but now I find no fun in them. It is much more fun making them. I have only followed some tutorials on youtube and I really wanted to get myself on the journy of becoming a web developer or programmer. I tried some tutorials like 'make games using javascript or python and pygame' but it was really difficult so I searched for basic tutorial for javascript but many of them were so boring. I was dozing off watching tutorial videos then I bumped into this amazing video where it let me write the code as I am watching the video. It was Scrimba. The full javascript basic course was free and it was 8 hours long content. It took me 4days to finish them. I would like to do few challenges again because I forget easily. Anyways what I really like about this program is that it let me write a code instead of just laying down the information.
Also I learned every basic things while I am making cool pratical stuff like people counting program, blackjack games, chrome extension.

My next step is taking "The Front-End Developer Career Path" on scrimba starting from the very begining go over html and css to fill up the holes in my memory. I am really thankful for scrimba and for Per Harald Borgen who was an amazing instructor.

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