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Jaden Concord
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Use this vanilla JS shortcut with $ function

Jquery being 14 years old is still used by half of websites. The concept of Jquery is a great idea that is to simplify JS DOM manipulation, simplify AJAX and to make it easier to support IE. Now that AJAX is no longer needed as we can use the fetch API, and there is less of a need to support old IE browsers, there is no longer a real need for Jquery. But if I am writing vanilla JS I dont want to write document.querySelector every single time.

var $ = document.querySelector
var $$ = document.querySelectorAll
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Use these function shortcuts and it will make life much easier.

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Actually, some browsers already inject this into the global scope if there is no library or code that is setting $ or $$.

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Jaden Concord


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Ben Halpern

I like this.

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